The Fall Line-Up

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Who is SO happy to have their shows back on, with new episodes? OMG, I’ve just been dying with just reality TV keeping me alive? I’ll give you a rundown of some of my favorites so far:

ER Mock if you will, I have been a die-hard ER fan, and I even knew the show totally sucked the past few seasons, but thanks to my DVR I’ve still watched, and enjoyed it. I am SO excited for this season, practically giddy. The season opener had me BAWLING though. I NEVER cry at TV Shows — and especially not the ugly cry kind of way that I reserve for times of true tragedy. I won’t go into detail in case some of you have this on your DVR — but let’s just say something bad happened in the ER. Frankly, I can’t imagine anything worse than having the life of your friend in your very own hands. Bawled. It was ugly (but somehow refreshing). Anyone else watch this show still?

Desperate Housewives Again, think I’m a bad TV ho — but I love this show too. I really enjoyed last night’s episode. Last season got a little out there, and there were SO many problems it was hard to stay up with everyone. I was worried they were gonna jump the shark. I think they’re getting back to the real problems that us real desperate housewives have. At least a little closer.

The Office Love that the temp is back, hate that Pam is at college, not in love with the new girl and her relationship with the boss. I’m kinda iffy on the season opener. BUT, I still love this show. It is consistently clean and funny. No one can mock me for loving this show — perhaps that’s why I like it so.

House WAH –that guy (name lapse) can NOT be leaving. I’m not sure how that will all spin out. I miss him already and I don’t like the private eye guy. I heard something that he and the chief are going to get involved. That’s grossing me out. I love this show though. I love the mystery of trying to figure it out, as he does things to patients I wish I could say/do. Also, if I was a nurse at his hospital I’m pretty sure I would’ve stabbed him by now.

Ugly Betty Again, this one was going a little “out there” last year. I enjoyed the season opener. I hope it continues getting better. I also hope his tranny-sister gets what she so richly deserves.

I’m also excited for Chuck and moderately excited for Brothers and Sisters (which, at the time of this press I hadn’t watched either yet). I watched one pushing Daisies last year and I really liked it, I am hoping my DVR schedule allows for taping it this year. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a few things. Oh, my mom got me hooked on Bones over the summer, not sure when that’s coming back new… What are you guys excited for?

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    Oh man our line-ups don’t look alike at all! We fall victim to all the crime solving shows, like CSI (all of them!), the Unit (totally LOVE it) and Numbers. For our medical fix we prefer Grey’s Anatomy. We’re the nerds who watch Dancing with the Stars, but only to get our dancing fix until So You Think you Can Dance comes back! Aaron’s also got Knight Rider and Fringe DVR’d and I’m waiting for The Bachelor to start! I’m a fan of the Office, but we didn’t have enough room for it last season…we’ll see this year! Biggest Loser: Families has caught our eye…always love that one. And if there was time I’d also like to catch Survivor….what’s a girl to do! Oh, and is 24 ever coming back? We’re addicted to that one! We’re are also waiting for the Heroes premier on Sept. 22nd!

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    Mine line up’s are similar. Hello, my name is Keyona and I’m a TV/DVR junkie! I love Desperate Housewifes, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Heroes, etc.

    I’ve had to cut a few out but not too many! Good luck.

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    I totally cried during that episode of ER. I couldn’t believe it!! He’s one of my favorites! But other than ER, we do not match up. I like CSI (only the original), Law & Order (the original and SVU), Heroes, Survivor, and I think that’s about it. I keep thinking I should start watching the Office cause everyone likes it so much. Maybe I’ll try it this week.

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