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I’ve been filtering out my magazine subscriptions lately and I thought Id’ share my two favorites with my blog readers.
Favorite “Mom” Magazine: Wondertime
This is made by the same people that make Family Fun. However, I just can’t seem to LOVE family fun — but I love this one. It’s much more realistic. It gives actual parenting advice (last night I read a really great article on Lice, they’ve also had them on behavior issues, things at school — all sorts of great advice). Somehow family fun makes me feel a tiny bit guilty. I’m not going to throw amazing birthday parties and I don’t make a new game every week for my kids to do. But, I can always use advice from experts (with a little bit of how to make your life more fun thrown in too). I also saw this post on slickdeals this AM — and you can get this magazine for less than 4 dollars for a whole year. I totally recommend.

Favorite “Kids” Magazine series: The Cricket Series
I have really liked highlights, and I’d recommend it if you haven’t gotten a year of it already. But I like to have variety (I also save the magazines for years, because the kids still enjoy them). So I tried Ladybug for Spencer and Spider for Conner. They have really enjoyed it. It is leveled to the right ages, it’s informational and fun. They are kind of expensive. But I think magazines are a great gift, and the kids LOVE having them come every month to our house. I recently moved Conner up to “Ask” and I think I’ll move Spencer up to “Click” when his birthday comes (the subscriptions are flexible, so if you think you’re ready for something new you can just change it to the next level — or decrease it if it’s too hard).

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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