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While I know that most everyone with a Y chromosome HATES Suze Orman, and I find her mildly annoying at times as well, I find the facts she hears from people on Oprah just AMAZING. The amounts of debt, and how they’re living. I’m always shocked by it.

Yesterday I found a nugget of truth amongst Suze’s ramblings. She said that this whole thing is caused by lying. I think that’s totally true. People lying to themselves that they could afford things. Banks lying about their earnings. I think people need to learn the truth, and then we will be able to move forward. I remember when we first bought this house, our loan guy was saying “but you guys can afford more!” In reality we coudln’t. It’s still a stretch to make this payment, but its people who bought information like that who are now in trouble! It’s the banks faults, but I don’t think we leave those people blameless either.

The other thing I found interesting was when they were with the people in the camper. They were a couple who had both worked in the tech industry and had decided to retire early, buy a camper and enjoy themselves. They were worried that with the current market issues that they wouldn’t be able to stay retired. Suze was happy to say that they would be able to continue in their retirement RV status because of how well they had planned. Then, she said that she thought their camper was always perfectly organized. That you could tell a lot about a family by their organization. Then, Oprah went and opened all their stuff, and everything was well organized and in place. Suze said those in debt might have their house clean for your visit, but most likely if you open the cupboards things are all jumbled.

So, what do you guys think about that? I must admit that we only have this ginormously large cottage that drags us into the depths of debt, and other than that we are debt free and I don’t think we’ll go into my organizational OCD. What about you? Do you think there really is a correlation?

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  1. says

    That’s interesting for sure. We all know that I’m not the most organized person, but I am a little freakish about our money…so I don’t know about that. :) Actually, I like to organize, it’s just hard for me to keep it up I guess.

    The whole talking people into more loan than they could really afford is sad. We could have bought a house when we moved here, but we knew we really couldn’t afford it. We can barely afford our rent, which is much less than a mortgage would have been.

  2. Sarah says

    I absolutetely agree that there’s a correlation between money-management and overall organization of your life. I have to add this too: we just got back from vacationing in Oceanside, CA and The food prices there are unbelievable! So expensive. But I guess you knew that. So, I’m sympathizing with you. Sarah

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