We did it, we did it we DID IT!!!! (ala Dora)

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I feel like dancing around with boots on top of the silvery mountains, or wherever it is that Dora goes. Let’s just say we passed the nasty woman with the giant dog, we went around the neighbors that wouldn’t answer and we DID IT!!!!

We did our door knocking. Well, we did some of it. And really, just getting out there was the first big issue. And, {drumroll} it wasn’t bad.

The only one we had an issue with was a woman who said “that’s my business, not yours” — and I just said “thanksforyourtime” and walked away. And really, that wasn’t so bad. No one called me a gay basher and shockingly, every single person (except for her) we talked to on our street agreed with us. They will all be voting yes on proposition eight. Now, here’s the real problem. I can’t even remember if I’m voting yes or voting no on this prop because it’s so confusing. I appreciate that we’re voting YES we support traditional marriage, but in my head I’m always thinking “yes, I’m for gay marriage” — which isn’t how it goes at all. And those who are saying “no” are saying “NO, we are not for traditional marriage“. Just a reminder.

So, I just decided we were mostly there to remind people to read it carefully when they vote and most people were overwhelmingly for traditional marriage. We even had 2 families willing to put signs in their yard.

They aren’t planning on winning our area — because we have a large homosexual bias (shocking, but true) but we’re hoping to like 40 percent and then the more rural and southern areas to help carry it.

After yesterday, I think we actually have a chance.

We do not, however, have a chance with our children and dogs. As soon as they heard ANY barking (even if it was from the house next door) they’d run like ladies to the sidewalk (taking our informational brochures with them). Seriously. I finally had to ask Conner which he was more afraid of — not doing what President Monson has asked us to do – or dogs.

I didn’t hear him say it — but I’m pretty sure he whispered dogs.

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  1. Joel says

    I think the people who are against traditional marriage, or for gay marriage, or however you want to say it, are just more vocal. It’s the silent majority. Good job on mobilizing them!

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