Friday, September 19, 2008

Why I do What I do

So, I've been down on my job lately. But today I read this article on MSNBC:
The chance of dying in pregnancy/childbirth in an industrialized nation is 1 in 8,000.
The chance of dying in an unindustrialized nation is 1 in 76.
AND, the chance of dying in pregnancy/childbirth in Niger is one in seven.
Someday I'd like to go make a difference in statistics like this. Completely uncessary.


  1. Wow. Remind me not to have a baby in Africa.

    Also, now you have me singing Fiddler on the Roof...How can I hope to make you understand, why I do, what I do? Why I must travel to a distant land....lalalalala.

  2. i knnow I don't live in Africa... but I'm still freaked out about childbirth... maybe I won't read your blog until after I've had the baby :)

  3. I'm glad I don't live in Africa! I'm taking a break from the baby thing for a while! I'm glad you are there to help the women there! Keep keepin' on!


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