Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Wonder of a Good Dinner

Tonight I was thinking I'd make fish sticks and potatoes. It's a soccer night and I wanted something quick -- but then {dramatic music} I opened my fridge. And found 2 cartons of mushrooms staring at me from the weekend sale. And it CAME to me -- Teriyaki Pineapple Kabobs. I can't find the recipe now, but it's basically a teriyaki sauce the with the addition of the juice from a pineapple can. The steak (cut-up tri-tip roast that I got on the cheap -- but any steak will work -- since you're marinating in small pieces you don't need a really great, or expensive cut), mushrooms, peppers, onions and the canned pineapple go on skewers and get grilled (oh yeah, you put some butter on the whole thing before you grill it -- YUM-O!). I'm gonna make some garlic bread to go with it.

So now, instead of a nasty fish stick day -- it's a kabob day. And suddenly everything's brighter. They are def. one of Drew and my favorite recipes. In fact, I love all kabobs. I saw that trip tip roasts are on sale again this week at Savemart -- so I'm excited to get some more meat. There is something so much more exciting about a grilled onion than a regular one.

Whats the recipe that perks up your life? Share it on your blog. Readers want to know.


  1. That sounds mucho better than fish sticks. :)

  2. fish sticks. blech. kabobs. yummmmmmmmy.


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