Sunday, October 05, 2008


During General Conference (Mormon thing) we always get doughnuts on Saturday, and I make Cinnamon rolls on Sunday. My friend calls it cardiac weekend, because most moms tend to round-off the morning with sausage and cheese filled eggs, juice, a big ol' bowl of lard. And heck, I wouldn't want my family to feel left out.
Really, it's a day of rest people, and today we don't even have to get Sunday clothes on.
Feel the joy.
And the angina.


  1. Sausage and pancakes on Saturday.

    Cinnamon rolls on Sunday.

    Not too horrible....:) Gotta have something that makes the kids excited for this day!

  2. Mmmm, sounds delish! That's a great idea...encourage the kids to look forward Conference by associating it with yummy treats. No such luck in our house...and the kids behaved accordingly...argh!

  3. You should have seen how packed our grocery store was Saturday night! And it was very hard to find cheap & yummy chips. They were gone.

    Growing up, my parents made us get in our Sunday clothes, so it felt more like church. Now, I just try to get out of pjs and into some regular clothes before it starts.

  4. I made cinnamon rolls on Sunday too and ate--no lie--eight!!! I'm having a cinnamon roll hangover today. :(

  5. My son started the "Tea party picnic" tradition at our house for lunch on the Sunday of conference. He makes the menu and we try to stick to it and then they all go off to watch a movie while dad watches sports and I try to stream a bit of inspiration from our slow internet connection.

    I love family traditions. The cinnamon rolls sound better than our PBJ and Cheetoes. We'll try again in six months.


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