Conference, the Mormon Holiday

Have you ever been jealous of all the super-religions and their fancy work-free holidays? I mean, you never see a Mormon kid getting out of school to celebrate Joseph Smith’s birthday, and I don’t even get to take work off for the glorious pioneer day (in fact, even when we were in UT I don’t believe it was even considered a holiday at my workplace — but that’s what you get for working in a nursing home where your checks bounced).

But what we can do is watch conference. I just decided — conference weekend is OUR holiday — it’s our Rosh Hoshanna… or however your spell it. Free from nylons, free, from the strife of trying to make our kids sit on the bench and look tolerant of being bored, free from not being able to eat the whole 3 hours. Ahhh… it’s really the good life.

The talks were amazing, as always.

But, I must admit the food, the family, the togetherness, the laying on the couch — that’s what a holiday is for me. So happy conference weekend everyone — see you in 6 months. I do feel rejuvinated after this holiday. Go team.

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