Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy Halloween

I remember when my kids were tiny, how low-key Halloween was. It was cute and involved one, possibly two days with very few preparations.

Those days are over.

Having Conner in school changes everything. They have a Halloween carnival, the church has a party, and then there's the parades at school (one for Spencer this year too).

I'm sure many of you are waiting with baited breath as to what we are going to be this year for Halloween... you haven't heard me agonizing over the sewing machine or swearing about finding fabric.

That's because I have done neither.

You see, having boys is a tough situation. I am totally anti-scary-Halloween. I am entirely pro-creative-fun-happy-Halloween. Problem is, the world gives little boys the scary Halloween in almost everything they do. I told Conner that one of the ways we can be most creative and most fun is by picking a character out of a book. He loves Harry Potter, and so he considered that for a while (but was well aware of how well-used that costume is).

So, what are we gonna be?

Well, I'll give you a hint -- and hopefully there will be pictures to follow at some point.
  • We are characters from a series of books.
  • Conner's costume just took a trip to target to find the right shirt.
  • Spencer will have an orange theme.
  • Drew and I have to do nothing, and in fact the band kids said he already looked JUST LIKE this person.
Guess away. I was gonna sew Spencer's costume but ended-up finding one that was perfect for much cheaper than I could've made it anyway. BTW, is an amazing store, they have great customer service. I would order again from them any day.


  1. K, since I already know I won't guess.


    You're right! Drew does look exactly right for this role. Funny.

  2. i have absolutely NO idea. I'm a little upset that I can't even come up with a guess.

  3. oohh, I'm curious. Wish I was more clever (or more well read?) Spiderwick Chronicles? Lemony Snicket?


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