Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Fun Begins

Today is the official busting out of marching band season. Drew got-up at 6:30, left around 7 and will return around midnight. He will be tired and it will be an endlessly long day of him taking care of a bunch of high school students, but I won't care because I will be so tired of our children tomorrow I will lay in bed and suck my thumb.

Well, at least this is how it usually goes. :)

I read on a friend's blog about how she made a plan with her little girl getting in some things that they each wanted to do, so I'm going to have a meeting around here at 8 am where we can all plan out our day. So often I plan little surprises for the kids on days like this that don't go over as I had planned. We get a movie, we go to see dad -- and that's not really what the kids wanted at all -- and that doesn't turn out particularly fancy for any of us. BTW, the day WILL have a trip to Safeway included in it -- gotta get me some Classico -- I'm thinking 10 jars total, possibly 14...

I remember my first few marching band seasons, just SO tired and not dealing well at all with them, but I am slowly growing into it. Realizing I can't work millions of hours and still make it work for our family. Realizing that I do need to plan something for the day otherwise I have a lot of whiny children. Realizing that I can be a soccer mom on my own (I still do not love this -- I barely tolerate it). Anyway, it gets better every year -- and I know it's coming. Deep breathing.


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  1. I'm glad it's finally getting a little easier. Of course, just when I get used to something like that, we go and move and I have to acclimate to a different schedule. :)


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