Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JUST as facinating as the real housewives

Is the listing of who gave what to proposition 8. Now, don't all try and find my name, because we're not on there (I think in order for a small donor to be listed they needed to be more on their game and donate before the end of September).

But it does a heart good to see people who you darn well know could spend their money in other ways using it in this way.

Mormons are not rich folk (in general). Most of the women are stay at home moms (besides the particularly loser-ish in the bunch), many of the fathers pick home time over REALLY long hours, and we are as thrifty as most people can get -- and yet we're giving to this.

Personally, I've NEVER given to a campaign before. Will I again? Perhaps. It's nice to see myself take a stand on something that I believe in.

I really need to get out my voter info book. There are WAY too many propositions.

P.S. Guess whose mom is coming today. {insert ginormous smile}

P.P.S. Is it wrong to kind of hope a squirrel dies as he's hauling his WAY too big find from your garden up to its nest? Seriously, the cuumbers aren't worth it little beasts.


  1. Joel and I were talking about Prop 8 on the way home last night, and he mentioned he's so proud of the Ericksons for doing so well at educating your neighbors. :)

    Have fun with your mom!

  2. In our ward, they are asking for church members to volunteer to call California residents to educate them about Prop 8. I guess they give you a script and everything. I put my name down but haven't gotten a call yet.

    I think it's great how we are all rallying together to make a stand on marriage and families.

    Please post something on Election Day as soon as you know. Are you hopeful? Are church leaders there hopeful?

  3. Oh my gosh Hilary, is it really you?! I was looking at comments on Mormon Mommy Wars and saw your comment and knew not many Hil(l)ary's spell it that way. So I checked out your profile and it is you! Wow! I also live in CA now (the Southern part). Okay, now I'm going to go read your blog to catch up on you. Dang it! I was supposed to go to bed hours ago... :)

  4. 1. Where's the list?

    2. I'm so glad you're taking a stand. You'll get so many blessings from this hard thing.

    3. Those squirrels can be nasty little buggers. Good luck w/that.

  5. P.S. You're SO not a loser.


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