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You know what we do for fun on a Thursday night? Watch Project Runway on our DVR? No. (that was earlier).

We stick our chapstick cap down the drain and then start crying and saying it’s an accident even though there’s chapstick ALL over the sink and you had to pull out the stopper in order to get the cap down the drain.

In addition to that, we steal mom’s protein bars (which are the ONLY thing she can just throw in her purse to eat anymore), we steal candy and leave the wrappers out just to drive mom a little more insane and we say our homework’s done even when it’s not.

Mom needs a timeout. I had to count to 10 before I could deal with him on this one. His lack of brain power lately is overwhelming me. What on earth happened to the still small voice? {sigh}

And why does stuff like that ALWAYS happen when Drew has a concert?

Tomorrow night’s fantastic Friday and I’m pretty much as excited for it as I was my own wedding. Yeesh, I really need to get out and be with my peeps. Peeps who can make smart decisions with their chapstick.

P.S. What do you guys do when your kids do something like this? Besides yell and cry? I just told him to shut his mouth and go to bed. He was lucky it ended at that.

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  1. says

    I already told you what I’d do in the situation. Hope he decides to be a perfect angel for the next month in order to make up for it!

    Have fun at fantastic friday! You deserve it. a lot.

  2. says

    I yell a bit, then go get my camera and document the entire situation.

    Oh, and confiscate all the chapstick (or other offending misused item) until he no longer lives under my roof.

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