M&M’s (mealtime and monotony)

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While this is NOT turning into a proposition 8 blog (although I’ve considered instead of having a header, having a countdown to how many days til’ the election… sigh) my friend Lara sent me this interesting blog. It’s a totally rational viewpoint of it. I think Mormons tend to get our panties (or G’s) in a bunch over the issue — but this guy’s got a really rational viewpoint. WARNING, it’s freakishly long.

In other news I was talking with a friend at work the other day. Both of us are in the posh situation to only work once or twice a week and play stay at home mom the rest of the days. We were commiserating about how lucky we are and how MONOTONOUS our jobs at home can become. Every day it’s the same thing, you definitely can’t say that about our paid work. I’ve been thinking about this. I think I’ve become better at breaking-up my monotony with a little TV time, or some projects I work on to break up the day. I am also so thankful for friends who get me out for playgroup or lunch sometimes. Last night during FHE I just lost it. The entire meal was “please sit on your bottom” to both kids, “use your fork” to both kids. I mean, it’s a constant and it’s driving me INSANE. Conner also does this thing where he breaks his food apart into tiny little pieces and then eats it with his hands (like with a sandwich or a cookie) and it drives me insane to see him touch EVERY SINGLE BITE OF HIS FOOD WITH HIS HANDS. Me, knowing those hands are rarely washed very well. {big sigh}

Anyway, it’s obviously a sign that I need some more “breaking up” of my day. How do you break up the monotony of it all?

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Breaking up my monotony today


  1. says

    bloggin, exercising (while reading), and playing outside w/the kids. It’s still monotonous, but way better that way. Evenings are the worst, though, w/o a hubby around. I feel for ya.

  2. Autumn Zobrist says

    Yesterday, after the kids were asleep, I set my laptop up on my toilet seat, filled up a hot bath, and watched a “The Madness of King George” while eating dark chocolate. I should have gone to bed, but I didn’t. It was worth being sleep-deprived. And thanks for the info. I’ll probably be in touch again.

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