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Well, I did my Prop 8 walk on Saturday and it was AWFUL. I went about 2 streets away from where our house and suddenly I was in a world of hurt. Psycho people, one lady was speaking to me from the shadows (she also had about 80 wind chimes on my walk up to her house). SO many people telling me it was NONE of my business. I mean, I get saying that they’d prefer not to share (and I had one lady sweetly tell me that) but man… There are also a TON of people who are OBVIOUSLY home but won’t answer. I mean, how threatening can a 30-something woman and 2 little kids be?

In my head I’m trying to think what I’ve done when people have come by with information in the past. I usually have said I haven’t made-up my mind (which is totally true) and I take their info, and read it. Sometimes they tell me an extra good point about their candidate or position, and I appreciate that. Often I vote for that person just because I can’t make up my mind and I appreciate that someone has people’s support enough that they’ll go walk for them.


But, I’ll do it again today. The worst part is that my children are DEATHLY afraid of dogs, and if they even hear a close-to-a-bark coming from within they both bolt as far away as humanly possible. I keep telling them to run somewhere together but I swear they run in separate directions, leaving me looking for them as the person answers the door. Perhaps we need to work on our Godly fear, rather than our dogly fear.

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    My kids are so NOT afraid of dogs, that it often scares me. Be thankful yours run away. I live in fear that mine will willingly stick their hands into a pit bulls jaws.

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