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HUGE shout out to my cousin Bryce who was the first one to figure out my little kiddos are Calvin and Hobbes. Although I think my photo processig made Conner’s hair a bit more green than in real life, it does look fairly green, even though the can of hairspray we bought specifically said yellow. What can you do?

I have a whole song about how many days are left until the election. I’m practically giddy that it’s only a week away. I have a funny feeling that even when that day comes and goes this whole Prop 8 thing won’t be over, but I can still hope a lot — can’t I? I am torn between getting a new sign and putting something up that says tolerance should go both ways. It’d be interesting to see the ratio of yes to no signs stolen.

Thinking about buying some new shoes today. Honestly, I have very few shoes for a normal gal… many of them are YEARS old. I am currently wearing my doc martins that I bought before I got pregnant with Conner. Anyway, feeling the need to boost our economy just a bit (and I mean, only a bit).

How boring is this blog? Feel free to berate me in your comments.

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6 more days
Someone Stole Our Sign


  1. says

    I’m excited about the nearness of the election, too.

    Just want it to be all over at this point, and I don’t even have Prop 8 to worry about.

  2. says

    How ’bout a tolerance goes both ways sign, right next to the Prop 8 sign? I’m pretty curious about that ratio, too . . .

    Calvin & Hobbes. cute. What are you and Drew going to be?

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