My Least Favorite Job

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I am doing my least favorite job right now. At least I THOUGHT it was my least favorite, but I must admit I’ve been putting off finishing my door to do for proposition 8 pretty handily as well. If only ground beef going on sale gave me such gumption to get THAT done.
But I digress.
I hate defrosting my freezer, does anyone have any tips?

Frankly, Proposition Eight is also killing me. The church had a broadcast last night and while I was only able to hear a few minutes of it I keep having these thoughts run through my head. I thought I’d share. It won’t be my usual prop 8 blog.

1. I’m tired of people in Utah sitting back and telling us to get out there and fix it (and I am NOT talking about the general authorities). They’re not going door to door to their neighbors who most likely don’t agree with them and will tell them to their face (unlike in Utah where they’d just talk bad about them behind their backs). I know — a complete over generalization… but it does get tiring that the church is placing SO much of a load on us. I realize it’s our job. Just tired, I suppose. Hopefully we will reap blessings from it as well

2. I’m just taking a stand. If I was so set on having proposition 7 pass (which I think is about green energy, although I’m not quite sure because their ads are so confusing), do you think people would leave hate messages on my blog. Do you think I’d be afraid to talk about it in the workplace? It’s the same thing. I’m going to vote yes, I think other people should too. Barack Obama thinks we should vote for him, so he wants other people to as well.

3. BTW, I am SO tired of this election. SO, SO, SO tired of it. I’m not gonna vote for McCain because I am SO TIRED OF HIM. I mean, I change my mind about 12 times a day about which one I’m gonna vote for but as of right now I am SO TIRED of Mr. Negative, and his little partner in crime. I’m sorry but she’s turning into the caddy soccer (or hockey) mom who I’d be afraid to talk to.

4. Am I ready to lose friends because I am taking this stand. I suppose so. It’s likely. I keep worrying that our gay/lesbian friends will find out about our “stand.” I hope they understand how much we love them and it’s just a stand. It doesn’t change our feelings for them (even if I fear it will change their feelings for us).

5. Who hates our ads? I think I heard a new one this morning, but the one with Gavin Newson just stinks. Show families — families who love each other with a mom and a dad. Remind people how they grew up and ask them if they want that for their children. Don’t have him keep saying “it’s coming…” It’s making me nauseated.

6. Lastly, my fellow Californians — look into your hearts.

  • Do you think that children raised in a household with a mother and a father have a better start than those that don’t?
  • Do you think that the word marriage could be reserved for just men and women, and perhaps gay/lesbians could find their own term? I agree that civil unions doesn’t show the love they have for each other — but since they are unable to bear children together, I think that another term would be in order.
  • Do you honestly feel that constitutional rights are violated just because they can’t say they’re married?

For me — it’s a no on all three — hence my thoughts today.

6. Did I mention I’ll be happy when this election is over with? I think Thanksgiving will be a time to just be glad it’s over. :)

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  1. says

    I will be happy to have the election over, too. And glad that I am not you.

    Arizona is having a similar proposition, and I keep getting facebook invitations to a Prop whatever group with info. Maybe you could look into if there’s one for Prop 8. Invite your friends. Help spread the word that way.

  2. Erin Bingham says

    Interestingly enough I received a call last night asking if I would be willing to make calls to California in regards to Proposition 8. They are trying to get 150 people from each stake to call for 4-6 hours from a call center. I agree that it is really hard to go to your neighbors. Calling on a phone is easy breezy.

  3. says

    I’m sorry about the hate mail. That bites. And I’m sorry about you losing friends & making new enemies. It sucks to make a stand–I did it enough growing up in the Bible Belt, but I’m guessing not to the intensity that you have to deal w/it. So, thanks for fighting hard for everyone.

    I wonder if this is how soldiers fighting in Iraq & Afghanistan feel–tired of people back home telling them how to do their job, tired of fighting for those people, including those who don’t support them.

    I get what you mean about McCain. He’s definitely not inspiring. But, to me it comes down to Supreme Court Nominees, abortion, and taxes. Just the abortion thing alone would do it for me. I wonder how it would be if Romney was running. He’s annoying, too, b/c he’s so cheesy. And I’d bet the South would have such a hard time deciding between voting for a black or voting for a Mormon! Sorry so long here . . .

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