My Love Hate Relationship With Yoga

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When I started this whole glucose intolerance deali-o I decided I should do some yoga. They say that one of the reasons a person can have a high fasting glucose level is because of stress. Personally, I thrive on it. It’s my life blood many days. It’s nothing I’m proud of. However, I do need to eliminate some for health reasons.

So I got a yoga tape, one that the people who were new to Yoga on Amazon seemed to like. I have been doing it twice weekly for a few weeks now and I do see a difference. I am able to do poses better and I’m proud that my flexibility is growing.

However, I think someone needs to remind them that we’re doing Yoga, not therapy, and if we wanted to do therapy we’d probably get a therapist. I love it when she says “just remember that each day is a different day.” It makes me giggle every time. It takes a lot to make me giggle at 6:15 am.

With Yoga there are those long pauses when you’re holding a stretch when you can think about the kind of mom you are, the kind of friend, nurse, daughter — all that good stuff. I am always vowing to stop parenting from the couch or doing more service. I think I am finding myself doing better at those things as I promise myself twice a week in the mornings.

Anyway, I’m starting to like it. But I still hate down dog and chatteronga (sp?). HATE down dog, not sure when my body will ever be flexible enough not to do that from my tip-toes.

P.S. FIVE {clap} MORE {stomp} DAYS!!!!!! Can you believe it? BTW, who ever is president I am already SO tired of them… maybe they should throw us a party for having to look at them for the last 2+ years instead of an innauguration. :)

P.P.S. I have some VERY SCCCAAARRRYYY {ala cartoon voice} news tomorrow. Be sure to stay tuned.

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    I usually start to like down dog after a few weeks of being consistent with yoga. however, I can never make myself like sun salutations. Blech.

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    I also hate down dog. I only do it once a week, so maybe more often would help. Also the ones where you’re lying down and have to hold your leg straight up in the air. My legs won’t go up straight in the air. Period. BAH! I have a different video than you (Ali Macgraw Yoga Mind and Body) – love it. The therapy stuff is still there, but for some reason it’s not as hokey, although it does come from a guy who looks like a hippie and sounds like Kermit the Frog. My favorite though is what he says at the end when you’re totally relaxing and “letting go,” – he says, “for love is what’s left when you let go of everything you don’t need.” Not bad!

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    I love yoga. I do a yogakids dvd with Paige. That’s my fav.
    There is a part where you have to be in cat (?) position, make a lion face and roar. That always makes me laugh. I get extra silly and it is a great destressor. Need to do it more!

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