Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The "Real" Housewives

I remember what I thought was so awful about the TV I watched on Sunday -- the main of it being the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I had watched the Real Housewives of Orange County a bit when it came-out. I thought they were moderately normal people who were just well off -- but they sure hit the gold mine in Atlanta. These women are entirely all rich because of their sports-playing (or most likely mafia-related, in the case of the one white woman) husbands.
I'm shocked by how they live.
I'm shocked by how they act.
I'm shocked they put it on TV during a time when most people are cutting coupons and recycling.
Has anyone else seen this show? I wouldn't watch it on a normal day if you paid me -- but, you know, on a sick Sunday a gal gets desperate. I mostly ended-up feeling sad that any people live like that. I'm sad that they're so materialistic, sad that they spent 18k on their child's 10th birthday party, sad that they wonder why their children are so ungrateful.
HELLO LADIES, buy a mirror (I'm pretty sure you can afford it).

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  1. REALLY???!!! I mean, I know I shouldn't be so naive, since someone in our NSL ward got a limo & had a salon day for all her littler girls 10 y.o. friends for their b-day party, but 18K???!!! That's insane. I wonder if they REALLY wonder why their kids are ungrateful, or if they even care. . . They need a cause to give to. How 'bout prop 8? :)


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