Sick and Tired

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The allergies seem to have settled in my chest. My children tried to faux illness when Drew was trying to take them to church (by himself) yesterday so they stayed home. And they both ran through the house like banshees the whole time (with me hiding under my blanket trying to sniff the steam from my tea).

Then he came home and banished me to my room. I watched like 10 hours of random television. I should’ve gone out and gotten Beaches and Steel Magnolias but instead I just kept flipping. Amazing what kind of crap is on TV on a Sunday.

Life is back to “normal” today. Nothing more fun than parenting while coughing and wheezing. I have conned Drew into picking C up today, so that’s a happy thought. I think I need to make another cup of tea.

In other news, I thought Sarah Palin on SNL was “pale-in'” in her performance. HELLO — she could’ve had actual lines, she could’ve been ACTUALLY funny. Instead she kinda stood around while everyone else either helped her make jokes, or made jokes about her. And I thought the rest of SNL was awful — except for the Suze Orman part, I thought that was pretty funny.

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    Aww man…get better. Sounds like you’re sick and these aren’t allergies.

    I hate watching TV on Saturday and Sunday. Worst time to be sick. :)

  2. says

    Palin’s performance was a downer. I totally agree–couldn’t she have been funny? Too bad. She was trying to help her image I think, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t do that!

  3. says

    Feel better!!!

    I saw a huge mass of people doing
    a ‘yes on Prop 8′ walk down
    Stevens Creek yesterday (in Cupertino) and thought
    of you.

    It does sound like you are now
    sick. Allergies can sometimes
    do that to you.

    Get better by Halloween!

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