Someone Stole Our Sign

Someone stole our Yes on 8 Sign.
So much for equal rights, people.
I think your karma will punish you enough.
Enjoy that.
BTW, it was there when I dropped off, and wasn’t there when my mom and I came home from shopping after picking up C. Stolen in plain daylight.

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  1. says

    I have sure heard of a lot of sign stealing going on. Prop 8 signs, Obama signs, McCain signs. All of them.

    I read somewhere that you should coat it in vaseline to deter the thieves.

  2. says

    Hey, maybe it was someone who really wanted a Yes on 8 sign for their own yard… lol, yeah, right… Every morning I’m expecting to have my tires slashed or my windows broken because of the sticker on my car. note to self: get the garage cleaned out…

  3. says

    You know if I was there, I would go steal all the “No” signs for you.

    I like the vaseline idea- very creative.

    Are you going to get another one?

    BTW- we’re not calling anymore. I guess they decided that Utah residents couldn’t do it for some reason….

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