Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sweet Deal at Safeway

Just giving everyone a heads-up about Safeway's good deals this week.

Besides their good Saturday sale (I think I'm gonna clean-out my freezer while S is at preschool tomorrow so I can assess how much more it can be packed -- the ground beef is a very good price), they have buy 2 classico spaghetti sauces (I'm pretty sure it's just the larger jars, not pesto) for 4 dollars (a good price), get 2 boxes of pasta for free. Hence, you'll have an entire meal for 2 dollars (throw in an extra dollar for some veggies, and that's still pretty amazing).
Also, if you spend 30 dollars or more on this promotion they'll donate 5 dollars to breast cancer research, and that can't be a bad thing. I am most likely going to be buying 16 jars (you have to do it in an even number).
I have NO idea where I'm gonna put all that pasta, but it's such great food storage, it's hard to beat.
Now I just need to figure out a way to work some protein into this. I'm thinking chicken, perhaps.

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  1. Renee H1:14 PM

    Will you teach me how to be frugal, as you call it. I have never saved that kind of money on food shopping, ever. We are on a single income with two hungry boys too (7-3). I love to cook, have time to do so, so I want to learn to save some money. Please.


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