Those Crazy Mormons

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about a comment a friend made at work when she found-out I was LDS.

“But you’re SO normal, Hilary.”
Umm… thanks.”

No, we don’t braid our hair and make our own dresses (thank goodness, because the only one I’ve ever made is my princes Leia mu-mu) but we do have our own quirks. Just thought I’d share a few I have noticed lately.

1. Obama is not a terrorist or an inherently evil person. I can’t even begin to count the # of emails I’ve gotten about Obama being an awful evil person. Let’s face it, he’s a Son of God. He’s willing to serve the country. I think he really cares about the country and what’s going to happen to it. He might not care about it the way you do, but God gave us options….

2. The Elder Packer email. I found it interesting, I didn’t find it awe-inspiring. I do wonder why, when people find that it’s not something that should be pushed around the church people forward it around. I found it to all be good advice, but I doubt he’s loving that we’re all reading it now. I was mostly shocked that his ward went to Nauvoo for youth conference. And yes, that’s how my mind works. And we wonder why the 12 don’t have their own blogs (ok, maybe we don’t).

3. Prop 8. I hate to say it folks, but Conner has NEVER had a lesson about marriage and families in his whole 4 years in school. That’s not to say that they haven’t talked about our families and how much we love them, and what they do for us (I have had to have a lesson with him about how some people have two dads and some have two moms, but their parents love them and they consider themselves a family — because we have friends of this nature — and I wanted to be the one to introduce it and say it’s not for us but perhaps it works for them). But I think it has stopped there. With no child left behind the teachers are awfully busy trying to get in a whole slew of other stuff. The temples will most likely remain as they are now (since they are not a public building). This isn’t to say that I’m not doing my darndest to get it passed, but try and take a deep breath before you freak out about some things people.

Anyway, just some thoughts I’ve had lately. Take them for what they’re worth.

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  1. says

    Apparently the Boyd K Packer email isn’t even true. Maybe I heard it wrong. don’t know. Crazy how fast it gets sent around the church.

  2. Anonymous says

    Thank you for saying that about the schools. It’s a complete fallacy that we teach anything about marriage. We don’t talk about divorce, or gay marriage, or step parents, or anything of that nature. I believe you have to vote your conscience, but it needs to be based on the truth.

    And yes, still not normal, but love ya anyway!
    -Emily Dodson

  3. says

    What email? Does it seem to you that the Church is “freaking out” about this? Just curious, since we don’t get too much of that here. No, Obama’s not evil. We’d better sure count on that, since he might be our next Commander in Chief!

    So glad to hear that about the schools. We hear horror stories, as I’m sure you know, about how kids will be forced to learn about this stuff.

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