The Blackest of Fridays

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As I lay awake in bed at 5:30 this morning, mulling over if I should go to Walmart or not. I finally just decided to pull myself out of bed and go. Frankly, I didn’t get that many amazing deals at Walmart, and I was in line for at least 45 minutes. I was A-mazed at what people were buying. These people were most definitely NOT well-off, but they were buying large big screens and carts HEAPED with stuff (most of it useless stuff). I kept assessing people’s credit as I stood there, wondering how long they’d be in debt, if they’d just be another one of the households claiming bankruptcy. The goodwill of Christ was totally not out in force. People were yelling at each other as far out as the parking lot. I was mostly saddened. Will I go back to Walmart on Black Friday? No. I don’t care how large the deal is, I will not. Because I was there without children I tried to take the “interesting” route to it all. People watching, seeing how people react to the stressful environment. I was intrigued, but mostly saddened by everything that I saw.

I also went to Joann’s (hello, baby blanket flannel is the cheapest I have EVER seen it — 1.49/yd plus 20% off — I stocked up — even got some girly stuff I will most likely be using for our little bundle of joy), Toys R Us (MUCH better prepared for the day than Walmart — I was in and out of line within 15 minutes), and Walgreens (wrapping paper’s a good deal, but i must admit I was there to get D some Dr. Pepper — yes, I am that nice of a wife).

Reflecting, I did go over my budget, but I also bought baby presents at J’s and some stuff for sewing (notions are 50% off plus 20% off this AM — which is great, because I am low on un-wound bobbins). I’m done, it’s over. I think I need to get one more thing for Spencer (ideas for a 4 year old boy?) but the party’s done. I think that’s what I enjoy about Black Friday, getting it all done — without kids and being able to shove it all in a closet when I get home.

Did anyone else go today?

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  1. Renee' H says

    I went, and like a fool, I spent 1 hour and 15 min in line to get in. Going in was kind of scary. Everyone pushing and shoving, and some people had their little kids with them. Others didn’t care. Ankles getting clipped by shopping carts. Getting yelled at for not going fast enough or not being for forceful with my cart, and that was just on the way in. I started to have an anxiety attack, and I don’t usually do that. I was stuck in the middle of the electronics dept and had no way out. I think I’ll sleep in next year.

  2. says

    I went and it was awesome.

    We started at 4 am at Kohl’s and went from there.

    There was only one incident…at walmart, but it was quickly resolved as the police were already on hand to keep order.

    And, actually, our county police officers were out in force today, keeping order and lines from getting out of hand.

    I was impressed and got everything on my list.

    Almost done. woo hoo.

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