Computer game for an 8 year old Boy?

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I will confess. I think we have every toy ever created for boys, or a version of it. If we have another boy this time I will have to re-wrap stuff we already have because there will be nothing else to give that is new.

Embarassing but true.

However, I was briefly considering getting Conner a DS or possibly even a wii. But, then after realizing it would be his entire life (my kids would play video games all day every day if they could), I decided against those two. But, he does love stuff like that — so I am in the process of trying to find some COMPUTER games that will be really fun with a learning component to them as well. Like how Carmen Sandiego was when I was a kid.
Do you guys have computer games that you think are great for your kids?

Santa wants to know, I’m just sure of it.

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    I don’t know. We have a wii and Eden really likes it but it’s not an obsession. But it was for the first few weeks which made it a great motivator. Mostly I let him play online games like PBS and NickJr.

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    My kids love the wii! We held off buying a game system F-O-R-E-V-E-R because I was just sure it would be a fight to get them to do anything else. Santa brought us the wii last Christmas and we have loved it!

    It’s very interactive and fun for the whole family to play together. Plus it gets you up and moving. (If you play it right- I guess you could become a pro at wrist action).

    We don’t really have any games that don’t involve some physical movement. My kids are really into Sports so it’s great. They have ones that you just play like normal but they aren’t as fun (although Alex and Logan really love Lego Star Wars).

    We also keep everything E for everyone. No Guitar Hero or Halo here.

    The kids like Dance, Dance Revolution- even the boys!

    I recommend the wii. Unless he has his own computer that he can play so you can still do blogging, scrapbooking, etc.

    If you still are dead set on the computer games- buy them used like at or They are cheap and they are usually in good condition. Ed has about 20 computer games he plays on and off and he bought them all used.

    I really think you can’t go wrong with the wii. It’s a fun way to spend time with the kids and it’s a fun way for them to spend time with each other. And the newness wears off so you don’t have to worry about them becoming a wii bum!

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    We had this same dilemma.

    We did actually get both a Wii and a DS.

    But we have rules.

    The only games they can have for the Wii are active ones.

    And the only games they can have for the DS are educational ones.

    We love it. They love it.

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    I’m in the same boat with my almost 7 year old. The only thing he wants for Christmas is a DS. We have held out on the whole video game scene…knowing it was inevitable, but not wanting to encourage it! I have been hesitant…and still not sure what to do. I like the idea of it being a motivator, heaven knows I could use something to bargain with! But I feel like from here on out we will be in video game land!

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