Friday, November 14, 2008

Eliminating Friends

I'm not talking about real friends.
I'm talking about facebook friends.
When I started I'd befriend anyone. People I sorta knew in high school, all that jazz. While I LOVE Facebook I am not so in love with some of the choices I made. Some of them are consistantly negative towards the church and viewpoints that I have and I want to take them off. So, here's my question for you:
a) How bad is this?
b) Has anyone ever done this?
c) Is there a nice way to do this?
I mean, the people I would take off were never great friends, and I'm not one to burn bridges but....
K, thoughts people.


  1. Hilary, people can't tell when you unfriend them on facebook. They would have to notice that their friend number went down and then go through their whole list and check it and recognize that you aren't there anymore. Chances are they won't know it was you. My friend in my ward here told me that she had to do it a little while ago for the same reason. She is actually ultra liberal and doesn't support Prop 8 but she said she had a guy who was so crazy and angry and bitter that she couldn't take it anymore ;) Just don't unfriend me ;)

  2. Sorry, no help. I haven't a clue what the facebook craze is about.

  3. I actually had a similar experience with a girl I knew from church. I wasn't by any means good friends with her, she was more of an acquaintance. But I swear everyday she had a status update about her drama. "Men should never be trusted" "I'm beautiful even if you're too dumb to see it" "I'm too good for scum like you" etc. She was totally taking shots at her ex in a "round about" way. Can you say 6th grade?? Anyway, I got tired of it so I just deleted her. I don't have to see her ever so I could really care less. It might be awkward if I run in to her but it's ok to just say, I deleted people I am not close with. Most people understand that. Hope that helps.

  4. Yeah. It's easy...just a little button that says remove this friend when you click on your friends list.

    I've done it, but she totally noticed (I knew she would) and the next day she unfriended my whole family. Give you two guesses who. (I hope she doesn't read your blog!)

  5. This is so funny. Because I have been sitting on a few friend requests...and I didn't know what to do with them.

    A couple, sadly, I don't have ANY recollection of...not even when I broke out the yearbook. And a couple, I wasn't really friends I don't get the friend request in the first place.

    I didn't want them looking at my stuff anyway, so I say delete away!

  6. Is it me? Are you dying to remove me? I like your new banner. You crack me up I love the "just so darn thankful"!!
    I am no help with facebook, but Melissa SP said they don't even know, so it should not be too offensive.

  7. You've got to be kidding. I thought the whole point of FB was to have as many friends as possible so that everyone can see how popular you are, and you want to go DELETING people??? Are you insane?!?


  8. I've deleted friends. Just did it no explanation, no one came back asking, so I guess we weren't close any way right? Just don't delete me HA!

  9. Hi Hilary!
    Don't unfriend me because of my Obama page! :) Anyway, I totally sympathize because I've been wondering the same thing! People get all excited when they first get on facebook and start "friending" everyone whose name they recognize. I was too polite, and accepted a bunch of requests like that, but I don't want them to see all my info anymore! I wasn't even friends with them in high school! Anyway, I'm happy to find out that they won't notice when I unfriend them. I'm going to do some housecleaning of my own. Just don't delete me!

  10. Bad friends are like garbage. If you let them sit around for too long it starts to stink and take up space.

    Time to take out the garbage....let 'em go.


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