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I’m done with my freak-out. Yesterday was much better, and included going to lunch with one of my best friends. All is well (especially when you add carne asada nachos into the mix).

Thanks for all the sweet words on the blog. Sometimes I just write to get my thoughts out (and have it in my blog book when I’m missing my sweet littles (which I can not humanly imagine as of late — but whatev.). I have some interesting insights on my life though.

1. The blacks and the Mormons are both being trashed, together. Who knew? I doubt anyone could’ve predicted that one.
2. Saw a letter from the Catholic bishop of Sacramento today standing by his Mormon peeps. Again, who knew? It’s times like this that you really get to know your friends.
3. I’ve had a few friends who were closely following the whole prop 8 thing reveal that they too have had a cry session. Interesting. I know it’s hard for us to see our sweetest thing be trashed by thousands, but I think there’s more to it.

Talked to Drew too. He was up with me at 6 am (did I mention I hate daylight savings, almost as much as I hate my cell phone provider Sprint — but that’s a blog for another day) cleaning and pretty well hauling the handcart while I balanced the checkbook. He’s a real keeper.

And now it’s off to a very chilly game of soccer (2nd to last of the season!).

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    Have fun at soccer!

    I saw another letter from a Christian church that was similar. Very cool. I really think it’s totally lame that Mormons are getting the brunt of this.

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    I have felt very overwhelmed by all the prop 8 drama this week. It’s a lot to handle. It has actually made me question whether I want to stay in Cali or not.

    Go Drew.

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