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Feeling kinda glum as of late. It’s not that my husband isn’t amazing, or that the kids are even driving me insane. Just issues…

1. Hard to be away from family during the holidays. People, we’ve lived here 7 years, and my parents are even planning on coming HERE for Christmas this year (YAY!) but I still can’t get over hearing about the family parties and wishing I was there… {sigh}. I do enjoy hearing about all the medical drama and being glad that I’m here…. there are perks, don’t get me wrong. 😉

2. My limbs ache. Does anyone else get this when they’re pregnant? Personally, I attribute it to the fact that the baby is eating my bones. I’m not sure if it’s that I haven’t worked out in a couple of days or that I didn’t take a calcium pill til’ later yesterday or if perhaps the wind was blowing the wrong way but it’s painful. Mostly my arms, but sometimes my legs. Anyone else? Am I a mutant?

3. Black Friday. I have never been one of those people who felt like Christmas was too commercial, blah, blah, blah — but this day just made me feel like that. People buying junk, for too much, with nasty attitudes and nary a spoonful of joy in them. I told someone Merry Christmas, and they glared at me.

4. I literally hate Thanksgiving food. I always have, but this year it’s even worse. Do you have any idea what a carb fest Thanksgiving is? Luckily I hate stuffing, and I’m not a big fan of mashed potatoes, but the yams and cranberry sauce could put me into a nauseated coma for a few months if I let them. No leftover pie for me either. {sigh} Perhaps I’ll have some cheese and an apple.

5. My body is on the worst time clock EVER. I go to sleep at 7 pm (I beat both of my children last night to bed) and I wake-up at 5 am. I can’t stop it, it doesn’t matter if I have a nap, my eyes just open around 5 and there’s no turning back. It does make for some lovely morning Internet surfing time. :)

6. I have obsessive compulsive disorder. Yesterday I bought fabric to make Drew and the boys each something for Christmas (which, has actually helped my commercial Christmas-ness — I think everyone should make something for the ones they love). Anyway, I had Drew’s finished within 3 hours of coming home from the store and I had to have the boys all laid out before we went to dinner. I literally thought my vertebrae were going to separate from each other my back hurt so bad — but I just kept cutting and maneuvering, and sewing. Literally, I need help.

Anyway, there’s an entire post about my complaints. I feel selfish being down at such a great time of year. I think I need to go search for my Christmas mix CD and start getting in the mood. Drew put up ALL of our Christmas stuff yesterday and I do get warm feelings seeing those up… I’m sure that if anything can get me out of a funk, it’s Christmas.

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  1. says

    I think some of it this year is because things are going so poorly in the country. The economy’s in the toilet, and people are losing jobs left and right–kind of hard to keep a Christmas spirit with that and hearing about all the crap that’s going on in the world. Sigh.

  2. says

    I know you are achy and tired, but any chance you could rev up for a brisk walk? Excercise might lift your mood.

    Otherwise, crank up those holiday tunes! Do you have last Wedneday’s Oprah DVR’d? She had some great ideas for giving meaningful gifts that involved writing kind notes to others. Family Fun magazine this month also had some good ideas. Might help erase some of the conumerism uglies!

  3. Renee' H says

    I couldn’t agree with you more on several points.
    1. I’ve never lived away from family and I think that would be the hardest thing ever. That makes me a little sad just thinking of it.
    2. During both of my pregnancies, my hips hurt so bad, I just can’t tell you how often I had to lay on my side and have the hubby massage them for me. I never had weird cravings, so the least he could do was rub his wife’s aching hips while she was preggers with his child.
    3. I agree. I vowed to get this Christmas even more personal. I’m jumping ahead of myself, but I’m making several of my gifts this year.
    4. Sorry, can’t stand in your corner with this one, hence my figure. There is nothing on the Thanksgiving table that I don’t just love.
    5. That was my worst symptom ever, both times. I could sleep the day/evening away.
    6. Me too. My dad says I was born saying I would take one in every color. This is where I was supposed to say that I’m making several of my presents this year and it makes me very happy.

    This is where I say, give yourself a break. It’s been five years since you’ve been pregnant. Let yourself sleep, have hubby rub parts that hurt and enjoy having your first girl. Your blog seriously cracks me up. I love to bargain shop, love my boys/hubby and want a simplier (sp) life. You encourage me to have all three. Keep up the great work. We adore you.

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