Google Reader

As a firm bloglines reader I have been saddened by how LONG it’s taken to get my blogs as of late.
So, I switched to google reader, and before you gasp, it’s TOTALLY EASY!!!!! You can just export your subscriptions as an XML file and import them into reader. HORRAY!
To celebrate I made a list of blogs that I really enjoy (or I am related to — in the case of Drew, who never updates — but you know, it’d be tacky to leave him out).
If you’re on there, and you don’t want to be — please email me, I won’t be offended in the slightest, and if you’re not — be more amusing, perhaps I’ll add you. :) I am gonna mess with it to get like a top 10 blog list going — or something like that. :)

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    Ah, man! I didn’t make the Hilary List? Well, I guess I was prepared for this when I didn’t make the volleyball team in the seventh grade. I’ll get over it. :)