It’s Finished and it’s Just Begun

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SO happy it’s OVER! I mean, the guy I voted for didn’t win but I’m excited for the changes ahead for many reasons:
1) He seems like a sincere person who wants to work for the greater good.
2) Michelle Obama will be a much better first lady than Cindy McCain — again, only an opinion, but I like her. It will also be amusing to watch his girls travel down this wobbly path.
3) It’s good PR for our nation.
4) It’s exciting to see changes. I hope things actually happen.
5) I dunno, just felt like there should be a five.
Now comes the cabinet picks where we can decide if #1 is really the truth or not. And of course the inauguration and the balls. I always love the pomp and circumstance of that whole thing.

And then there’s prop 8. As of this writing it’s ahead 52 to 48 with 95% in. As I inspected the CA map there aren’t many ways they’re going to win it. Most of the places that aren’t fully in went for the prop, only a couple against it. No one has called it yet though, although I think people are coming around to the idea… maybe…

But what do I read when I google Prop 8? Well, the legal wrangling has already begun. Of course they can’t file since it’s not officially law n’ all that jazz… but once it is they’re ready to file — saying it’s unconstitutional (didn’t this change the constitution to make it constitutional?). {sigh} Let’s not pretend like this is a surprise. Literally, if we have to wage this campaign again I am moving. I would most likely rather live the law of consecration than go out on those mean streets again (one in particular).

The soccer mom in me hates how there are winners and losers. I do feel badly for the people who strongly feel that Prop 8 shouldn’t have passed. I know that they had hopes and dreams based on this law and I do see their points. I don’t agree, but I can see how you’d be very hurt today. That makes me sad, seeing as they are my friends. I hope we can put this behind us quickly. I went out and did a quick photo shoot of Spencer in front of our sign this AM and then pulled it out of the ground. It was a happy moment.

I do feel a new sense that things will work out, that God is watching over all of us and that things will be fine. As in voting, it’s always up to us to do our part. We can’t place all of this on our leaders, if we want change we can believe in — it’s up to us.

Go Team.

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    I, for one, am just happy it’s all over for at least 2 years. I will bring myself to deal with the aftermath in a while. For now, it’s just a sigh of relief.

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