Jon and Kate: I’m irrate (not really, but it does rhyme)

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Who watches Jon and Kate plus Eight?
I have loved this show from the beginning, and honestly, I think I liked it more then, then now. Why? Let me tell you.

1) Kate doesn’t seem to question anything she does as a parent. I realize she’s just trying to get through, but sometimes she just seems so self-assured I want to shake her. I mean, I talk a good talk when I’m with my kids, but get me with a friend or Drew and I’ll ask them all sorts of things about stuff I could do better.

2) Jon is now home all the time. This drives me crazy. Is he working any more, or are they just living off the show? If they’re living off the show I think the show ceases to be what it was before — them trying to survive with that many kids.

3) They’re doing SO many things totally out of the reach of most families (not to mention ones with 8 kids), and while they do it, they get a ton of “special” experiences that no one else can do. I’m not sure exactly what I’m getting from the show anymore (before it was learning to survive as a stressed-out mom and how it affects the marriage relationship — anymore, I don’t see that very much).

3) Kate’s hair drives me insane.

And yes, I do watch too much TV now that I’m pregnant. Thanks for noticing.

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  1. says

    I know how you feel, but my girls watch it all the time. They know all the kids’ names and details about them….and I hate to admit, but I think things like this have made them want to be a SAHM more. A shame, really.

  2. says

    Heard of it….even was mistaken as Kate by a niece whose mom watches it and saw a picture of our family??? …but i’ve only ever seen part of one episode. I know what it’s about, though, and I’d agree with point number 2…living off the show bugs.

  3. says

    we used to watch it but don’t any more… no reason… just busy… but when I saw the commercial advertising them renewing their vows in Hawaii I just rolled my eyes… do you think they’d really be renewing their wedding vows in Hawaii if they werne’t on the show. It’s November. And they want the ratings. Hence a stupid made up vow renewal. Gag.

    p.s. I like her hair… If I was skinny and cute like Kate I totally try it. :)

  4. says

    I totally agree. Thought I have only seen the show a few times, this season is totally different from last because you can tell they are now floating on the comfortable money river from the show instead of having to function and struggle like they normally would be. The hawaii thing??? Bleh. That’s just lame.

  5. Anonymous says

    I love the show, but I see your point, and Kate’s hair drives me insane as well. My kids watch the show with me (love DVR) and they get sad that those kids get to go so many cool places for free. But I do feel that after all the hard stuff they’ve had to go through, it’s nice that their kids are growing up and life is easier for them. I still feel better about my own household problems after I watch theirs.

  6. says

    I know I am way late in catching up on your blog but totally agree with the Jon and Kate thing. When they did their – renewing vows in Maui and she got to go to this fancy wedding dress store in NY because of another show on TLC I felt a little “over it” and have not watched since then. Frankly I am jealous at the perks they get and all they places they have gone and gees louise they have been only married 8 years!! Seems a little early to be renewing your vows doesn’t it?!

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