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This year is the year of being practical. At least it is in my mind. Drew isn’t getting a new MP3 player, or a phone, or even a mouthpiece (sorry if you’re reading this and I’m spoiling your life for you). Perhaps he can get something like that for his birthday — but instead he’s getting something totally practical. Something that we’ll use and I guess if he hates it he can take it back. I’m asking for real winners like a meat pounder (yes, there’s a better name for this, I’m sure), a cheese slicer that won’t fall apart whilst slicing cheese, a potato masher, possibly a hand blender (do you have one of those? Do you like it?) Of course, being pregnant makes a person look to the practical, because everything else you’d buy is so very un-fun. “Oh, wow, a maternity bra. Thanks so much!” Oh, and we got wicked tickets. Not so practical, but something we probably would’ve done anyway, but are now calling it in the name of Christmas.

Anywho. I thought I’d share a few of the practical gifts I’ve gotten that I ADORE.

The Shark Cordless Sweeper. My mom got me one of these 2 years ago, maybe 3… and I recommend it to ALL my friends — especially if you have hardwoods. I loved it SO much when Spencer was tiny, in the high chair and had a propensity to throw things. I just saw the newest model at Costco for around 60. I HIGHLY recommend it. The battery life lasts just about long enough to do our house twice, and it keeps its power until it stops (does that make sense). Anyway, ask for it — you won’t regret it.

William Sonoma Nutmeg Grater You always hear on Food TV how fresh nutmeg adds to a cream sauce, or whatnot — and I’d always wanted to try it. This one’s so handy that I do throw it in pretty often (plus I love to play with it). No, it’s not super practical — as you can just buy a 2 dollar bottle of nutmeg at the store but I promise this one tastes different, and it does add to sauces.

Do you have stuff that you LOVE? I’m still looking for ideas for Drew, and I’d love to get some recommendations.

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  1. says

    I have that shark sweeper, but Sophie managed to break the handle, so I don’t use it much. I tried duct taping it together…Maybe I should try hot glue next.

    It’s a meat tenderizer, officially. I think. I just know we have one, and joel uses it sometimes.

    I will have to think on my practical things I really love, and then I’ll get back to you.

  2. says

    We have the coolest hand blender that doubles as an electric carving knife AND a food proccessor. Talk about the best of 3 worlds! It comes with the various attachments. Very practical. Taylor likes the carving knife aspect a lot. Another thing we really like that’s practical too is the fuzzy robes at bath and body works. They are sooooooo soft and so warm.

  3. Anna says

    I love my hand blender. I got the $20 version from target. I only use it when I make butternut squash soup but boy, it is worth it! What other practical items do I like… Plastic bins to organize stuff, one of those little rubber tubes to take the skin off a garlic clove, nut chopper, cheese grater that is also a plastic container (from IKEA). As you can see, I too, love practical items. P.S. This is Anna Nibley. Nice blog!

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