Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prop 8 Lore

{TOTAL MORMON ENTRY, I apologize for those of other faiths reading this, it's too long and too totally-undoctrinal to explain in the bandwidth that blogger as allotted for me}

My mom used to tell stories of people in her ward meeting one of the 3 Nephites. Or you'd see people in the paper saying they helped them along the road. Stuff like that. I used to be so jealous, we don't see the 3 Nephites anymore (although one time in seminary brother Roberts pretended to be one - ah, the Timpview Seminary), and I don't know anyone who had such a faith promoting story (that I could later have a nice chuckle over).
But now I do.
The Prop 8 lore.
The snipers on the spires of the temple, the viscious wind that kicked up blowing the protestors away ala Mary Poppins, the cop who was converted after feeling the "special spirit" on the temple grounds (and armed to keep out protestors).
I'm totally getting into it.
I mean, possibly they're true. Most likely as true as one of the 3 Nephites coming to fix your car on I-15.
Now a days we don't need a newspaper to spread such blasphme -- we have the internet, and what a joy each forward is.
Admit it, you'll tell your children some day how you saw a gay rights protestor flying above Moroni as you saw countless angels protecting the temple.
Write it in your journal now. You know you want to.


  1. Hahahaha!

    So, in Sunday School last week, we were studying the part of the BofM where the 3 nephites say they want to stay on the earth.

    And then the teacher started talking about the stories, and his wife was horrified. He started saying, "There was this guy, and he was on his way to Panguitch..." and he just started laughing, since he was only doing it to tease his wife.

    You probably had to be there, but it was pretty amusing. :)

  2. We were in Austin on Saturday and we were in this little sandwich place as a family. Brandon wearing his BYU baseball cap and toward the entrance come about a dozen people carrying prop 8 signs. I could just picture them walking up to our table and arguing. But no drama just getting some lunch.


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