Monday, November 24, 2008


Today Drew's band took a tour of some of the elementary schools. Spencer and I followed him like little groupies (well, little groupies who get to sit around and wait a lot -- and a lot of whining, mostly from the littler of my group). ANYWAY, it was so interesting to see how the different schools handle things. At one the kids all walk out in lines, and stay in rows, at one they're running around and screaming, at Jr. High everyone's trying to so hard to look cool... and it reminds me I hope the second coming comes before my children have to get to that age.

Also interesting that little kids LOVE marching bands. It's nice for the kids to be in a place they're loved and thought of as cool... because heavens knows that doesn't happen often enough on the high school campus.

Go band, go.

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  1. I always follow Joel on his elementary tour, too. Fun times. :)


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