Sticking to the Diet: I gained 3 pounds yesterday

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Now you know my crazy secret. I weigh daily. I’m not sure I will keep it up the entire pregnancy but so far it has really helped the whole weight gain thing. I know when I’m messing up, and I know immediately so I can correct it. So, I was SHOCKED when I gained 3 pounds yesterday, but not too surprised {mostly sad}.

The kids and Drew were both out of school yesterday so I was off of my usual routine. I forgot a snack (I HAVE to put Fiber One bars in the car for myself, it’s no longer a question at this point, I always forget them). Anyway, so I went about 5 hours between meals in the AM (and I was RAVENOUS when I got home), and then I had a long nap (horray) and slept through my next snack and when I woke-up we went out to dinner. I really wish they’d make restaurants post their nutritional info — it’s hard to make decisions when you don’t know what’s really in the dressing, etc. Esp. when you’re trying to stay within 30-45 carbs, you can make a decent guess — but that’s all it is. Oh, and they shouldn’t serve fried cheese. Mmmm Fried cheese.

ANYWAY. I think being off your routine is the worst time to lose weight. What kind of stuff do you guys do to try and stick with it? Christmas break is coming up (not soon enough) and I’m worried the kind of blimp I’ll be after that (don’t worry — not eating fried cheese is already on my “list”).

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    Wish I had the answer! I don’t do too well during holidays either, yikes… What does help me a little bit is to keep working out. Then SOMETIMES I think before I put that bite into my mouth – “is it really worth all the sweating and killing myself at the gym?” Sometimes that works, other times it doesn’t.
    I wish restaurants would put the nutritional value down too, it would really help out! (especially Cafe Rio, I love that place!)
    Good luck to you! I wouldn’t worry about 3 lbs…you’re 4 months!

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