Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote, Vote, Vote

For some reason when I think of voting, I'm always taken back to that scene in Mary Poppins where they're all marching around saying "votes for women". I remember asking my mom what on earth they were talking about. Realizing that just a few years back when Mary Poppins was a nanny women couldn't vote was a big realization for me. I mean, really -- when you realize how many changes have happened in the last 100 years or so, it takes your breath away. Amazing.

However, I had my ballot all marked this AM except for president. Just a tough decision for me, it's always a lesser of 2 evils for me (and I will admit to a green party vote every now and then). There a policies on both sides I disagree with. I think they're both fine men, don't get me wrong. I just don't side with either one entirely. I finally marked it just before breakfast and was so happy to just have decided. So, I go out to breakfast and Conner asks me if I decided who I'm gonna vote for. I told him and he looked at me AGHAST. But MOM -- Barack Obama wants PEACE and he wants to help immigrants. John McCain wants war and he tries to keep out immigrants. At first I thought "WHAT!!!" but then I asked him more about his views, and we really had a great chat about how they both want peace, but they disagree about how peace will come. We also talked about immigration a bit, as much as I could on a 3rd grade level. I guess he'd read something in the weekly reader from scholastic and had only taken a few points to heart (I can't imagine that they're too biased over there at scholastic). However, I'm glad it happened. I got to explain to him exactly why I'd voted the way I had. And suddenly a vote that I made for the lesser of two evils made a little more sense to me. I've been soaking in info on these candidates for YEARS (how sad is that) and now I can really say I've made an informed decision. However, I'm not die-hard either way. Mostly I want it over.

OVER I say.

Found my little suffragette song on youtube...


  1. I love the suffragette song. And i love how all the chimney sweeps join in at the end of the show, too.

    Just got back from voting.

  2. All our ballots are by mail...which I don't like. I love going to vote. My mom used to work the election each year and I always wanted to do that when I was "grown up". In either case, we cast our vote. I liked the video...a fantastic reminder of the rights I take too much for granted.

    I'm with Lara....love the chimney sweeps....

  3. I was just reading up on the current Prop 8 results for your State. Just wanted to say thanks for you and your family's hard work over there. We really appreciate it! So far 52.7% to 47.3%. We're keeping our fingers crossed! :)


  4. How great that you and Conner had that conversation!


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