Working Out While Pregnant… with your husband. :)

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I got a Lindsay Brin workout set for pregnancy. I really like it (and I got it somewhere else if anyone wants to buy it — I can email you the store — they were great, and actually have a lot of great pregnancy DVD’s). It has one DVD for each trimester and it has a cardio and a yoga on each DVD — totaling about 1 hour of working out (but I NEVER do cardio and yoga together, because I am lazy). I think it’s important to have pregnancy DVD’s for working out at this time. I know that some yoga poses are not that great when you’re pregnant and I enjoy how they work certain parts that tend to get more tense or need to get stronger as your belly grows. I can’t stand doing her cardio all week though, so I supplement that with some Denise Austin (whom I also hate — anyone else seeing a trend here?). I do notice it when I don’t work out, and I really need to make sure I’m doing the yoga twice a week because it does make me feel so much better.

This morning (HAPPY VETERANS DAY — which isn’t celebrated in Utah, so it’s just exciting that we get it out here — kind of like a freebie) Drew finally bowed to my wishes and did yoga with me. He’s always complaining about some ache or pain and I think yoga would help him a lot. He was even a good sport to do the prenatal yoga that is specificially for women. He really enjoyed flexing his “bra muscles” and losening his hips for childbirth. :)

Anyway, just wanted to say Yoga is tolerable (and I am a HUGE fan of it for pregnant women — I recommend it to ALL of my patients), and my husband is a winner. And I’m sure he feels vibrant today after our little workout. Also, we are going to the dentist today so I can get all tense and un-do all the stretching I did during yoga. Does anyone know where you can get some cheap mexican Zoloft that is OK to take during pregnancy (I hate the dentist, in case you can’t tell — I’d rather get a pap smear, actually).
The end.

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