After the Guilt come the Code

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I went to work yesterday, Conner told me that another friend of his mom didn’t come either because she had to work (and now I’m apparently cool for working — who knew?). Anyway, that guilt is under the bridge, and now since I’m room mom it’s time to move my thoughts to our holiday party.

However, let me share a bit about what happened at work. Well, first off — let me say sometimes I say my job is stressful, and some people wonder “why?” Well. Besides the rabid doctors, the crazy patients and let’s not even head into management territory…. sometimes scary things happen. Yesterday was scary. My patient was scheduled for a routine c-section. Went in, got her spinal, got her catheter, and I mentioned she looked a little funny, but she said she was OK — just felt tired. Then, I’m turning around getting stuff ready for the delivery when I hear “Hilary, get the crash cart.” I whirl around and see flatline on the monitor.

Beat. — from the mom.

Leads on, patient’s pastey white, oh boy. So I dash down the hall to get the crash card screaming for someone to call the charge and a code. Thankfully, by the time I got in the epi that he pushed did its job and her heart rate was going back up. Of course, it was nowhere near as high as mine was. Mom’s fine, baby’s fine… all is well. Except of course that I almost past out about 3/4 of the way through the section (frankly, surgery, wearing the mask and being pregnant really never go hand in hand anyway).

Turns out that when your spinal starts to move its way up your body your heart normally slows. Usually, it’s just like 20 beats/minute down from what it was before — instead of 80 to zero … just an fyi.

So, my job can be insanely stressful. I doubt any of you who aren’t in the medical field ever have that kind of stress. Yes, it’s rare, but it happens… and when it does it’s someone’s mommy. Some little person or the fetus inside needs that woman more than we know. And that makes it all the more real to all of us (you should see how out of breath a code team is by the time they get to L&D… the entire hospital takes our unit a little more seriously for stuff like that).

Anyway, today I am grateful everything turned out fine, and that my husband went and got pizza last night so I could lay on the couch for a good 2 hours and let me back relax out of it’s wrenched-with-stress position. Mmm… pizza.

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  1. says

    That’s part of why I wanted to be nurse, I thrive on the adrenaline like that. Crazy story! I would have loved to hear it from you live because I’m sure there’s more detail. I hope you got to relax a bit afterwards. Fudruckers probably helped 😀

  2. Mikell says

    Wow, i wouldnt be able to do that. I like a good adrenaline as much as the next but not like that. But knowing you you could totally do that

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