Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Brown Spots

My dryer is leaving brown spots (that kind of look like blood) on our clothes.
Has anyone ever had this problem? I just cleaned out my dryer with a damp cloth, and I'm hoping the stains will come out with shout... so far I've only noticed it on our whites, but maybe it's because th eother clothes aren't showing it.
As if moving into maternity clothes wasn't sad enough, now I have to do it looking like I'm bleeding all over?


  1. we've had that problem a few times at our apartment laundry facility. It's usually because someone has washed something that had a lot of grease on it. HOpe that helps.

    Oh, and it's doesn't come out...because by the time you discover it,it's already been set in with the heat of the dryer.

  2. Hilary, I've had similar things happen twice. Once because it was rusty inside, which was cleaned out by running a hot load with a cup of vinegar. Just let the hot water and vinegar soak for a while and it takes off the rust. The other time someone had left chocolate in a pocket and it was melting onto stuff in the dryer. Even after it went through the dryer, I was able to get the stains out by washing again in hot water and Dawn dish liquid. No spots left. Maybe one of those things will help.


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