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The Bay area isn’t set for cold.

My son came up to me this AM with a beaming face saying “Mom, there’s ice on the playground, it’s awesome!”

People are here are dying, and I’m guessing the temp is somewhere near 34′ish, with blue skies mind you.

I remember that being the high when I was little. I remember the snow being so high my dad couldn’t get his car out — but my mom just bundled me and my brother up and sent us off to walk to school. Actually, I remember being in Kindergarten and having a personal snow day because it came up almost to my waist, and my mom decided she’d rather keep me at home then wait for the spring thaw to come get me (because in Utah there’s no such thing as a snow day — they never close the schools).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s chilly here — and we aren’t generally prepared for it. Our homes aren’t properly insulated, we don’t buy jackets set for the Arctic. Heck, I know I own gloves but I have no idea where they are.

It’s just amusing though.

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    As I was lamenting living in the “great frozen north”, my dad told me that it was getting “chilly” in Phoenix the other day. What, like in the 50’s, Dad? No, not that cold, but it was in the 60’s for sure! I had little compassion as the temperature was registering 7 degrees at 2:00 in the afternoon!

    Get out your cocoa mugs and cozy up!

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