Friday, December 19, 2008


I'd like to clear-up a couple of things.
a) I think Californians are pansies, don't get me wrong -- but this is pretty dang cold for us... and our lives are just not set to manage it. We don't have hallways in our schools, they don't sell a lot of parkas here... it's a way of life. :)
b) Conner stealing food. I have had a nice talk about what he can eat when he's hungry -- baby carrots, cutie oranges or a banana, beyond that he has to ask. I hope this helps. I do think he might be hungry -- but he does always steal sugary-crap... and that is not OK.
You know, just wanted to keep things clear.

I also thought I'd share that a friend of mine is getting Lasik today and I can NOT stop thinking how jealous I am of her. {sigh} To be single and not spending my money on trumpets, and minivans. I think I'll put a dollar in my Lasik fund right now (btw, now that Drew got his trombone that's the next thing on my frivolous radar... I would LOVE to go without glasses... but it is currently only a pipe dream).


  1. I'm jealous of your friend, too. :)

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Do it, do it! Although to be fair I saved two and a half years for it. But the medical "flex" spending really helps - saves 40% of the total cost. Plus people are really nice to you when you are wearing space goggles on your eyes.



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