Monday, December 01, 2008

Good Deal on Sausage

Lately I've seen a lot of yummy soup recipes with sausage in them (the Italian kind, not the kielbasa kind) but I've been low. Thanks to Safeway, not low anymore. :)
They have the store brand sausage on 2/4 sale. AND if you buy 5 you get 5 dollars back -- that makes each roll 1 dollar each.
Which makes it even cheaper than hamburger.
And almost 2/3 off the regular store brand price (of 2.99).
I bought 10. :)
Eat up.


  1. I made stuffed green peppers with sausage instead of beef and Yum must try it.

  2. I'm in great need of a yummy soup recipes for a party I'm having this weekend. Can you point in the right direction?


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