The Good Part About People Leaving

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The good part about people leaving (and my-0-my have people left us here, COUNTLESS) is when they come BACK! Sometimes I get a little glimpse into what it was like to be Caroline Ingalls when an old friend would come by (although nothing near that, I can’t imagine a friend leaving and knowing that most likely you wouldn’t see each other again til’ heaven — not even on facebook or their blog). I’m SO excited to see them.

Holidays are great like that at church. I had a great old friend come back with her family, and all the girls are home from college. It’s so nice to catch-up, see how they’re all growing, have the ooo and ah, over the fact we’re having a baby girl.

It is literally one of the best gifts I’ve gotten this season, I am so lucky to have the people God has put in my life. I wish they could all stay by me forever.

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