Grateful for Parents

I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

I figured ice, snow, wind, and terrorists would prevent them from coming.

But they’re on their way, less than 2 hours away actually. They could probably walk here if they had to. Ok, maybe not.


Really, I’m giddy, and I’m not one to easily giddy-ize. the holidays are hard away from family, regardless of how amazing my friends are — they’re just not the same. And isn’t it every mother’s dream to have her parents say, “this year we’ll come to you” rather than me hauling my 2 kids with me and my husband to visit them”. I’m a lucky gal.
People always joke that my parents are always here, mostly my mom. I’m so happy about it though. I’m so glad she makes it a priority to come and be withe me and the kids, so they know her and love her (and basically worship her). My mom’s a huge Christmas fan so I know it will be special for all of us (not to mention someone I know has a very special birthday and there’s a 6 involved… out of respect for the elderly I won’t name names).
Anyway, SO grateful for my parents. And really willing to hand them my children while I have some quality time with my couch and DVR.
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