Monday, December 01, 2008

Gratitude of the Season

My friend Lara did a gratitude entry each day of November (or something like that). I was jealous of her vim and verve for life. So, following her good example I am hoping to do a bunch of grateful entries for the month. After all, Christmas should be a time of showing our gratitude through gifts, whatever form they might be.

So, today I am grateful for Christmas music. I am not a huge Christian music fan in general but I love that at Christmas I can sing about Christ and about how he saved the earth while still feeling hip and cool (hard to feel like that when I'm singing some Michael W. Smith song -- judge if you will). This morning I was listening to what is most likely my favorite Christmas CD -- the Amy Grant Home for Christmas album. She works Handel's Messiah into track #3 and when she got to the part where "His name shall be called wonderful, councelor..." part I got so teary -- and yes, feel free to blame it on the pregnancy. If anyone deserves to be called wonderful it is Him and I was just grateful for that reminder.

Music is obviously a big part of our family's life, I am happy that Conner is really into playing carols on the piano and Spencer is loving singing along. I am sure Jesus is happy to hear those songs being raised to Him as well.

Merry Christmas peeps.


  1. I love Christmas music. I need to pull all mine out...although we did listen on the radio a bit the other day.

    I love the Amy Grant stuff. But I don't have that CD...isn't it the one with Breath of Heaven?

  2. Have you heard Josh Groban's Noel CD? It replaced my Amy Grant CD as my favorite. He's AMAZING.


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