My RS Lesson on the Sacrament

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My RS lesson is coming up on Sunday and it’s on Dallin H Oak’s talk on the Sacrament and Sacrament meeting from this past General Conference.

I must admit I think I’ve let my children become the reason I’m not so reverent as of late. Which is pretty dumb since they’re 4 and 8 now, and fairly independent during the meeting (although reverent isn’t always a word I’d use to describe them).

So, I wanted thoughts from the readers. Yes, when children are irreverent or fussy — those are situations that need to be dealt with. How do you do them, and still attend the meeting in a quiet, reverent, broken heart/contrite spirit sort of way? I’d love to hear thoughts. Or, if you’ll be suffering through my lesson in person on Sunday — feel free to save your ideas until then.

Also, for my ADHD friends out there (no, I am not diagnosed, but I have the approximate attention span of a 4 year old most days) — how do you stay engaged in the meeting when you are literally bored to tears by what the speaker has chosen to present?

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  1. says

    UG! Sometimes I feel like church is a big waste of time because of the irreverence of my children. But then, when I mention it to someone else in the ward, they tell me that they don’t even notice my children ever being bad. My jaw drops! I often end up with the wrong attitude by the time we get to church. So, sorry to say, I don’t really have any ideas!

    I loved your family letter, by the way!

  2. says

    About the ADD….I just don’t. Some days I have no idea what just happened in Sacrament meeting. But I have managed to doodle all over my prgram. :)

    My kids stay fairly reverent when I bring nothing for them to play with. They are allowed to draw, but the minute they start being irreverent, they lose that privilege, too.

  3. Janelle says

    Just me putting in my two sense. As of late, my kids hardly get anything in church unless it is the program and a pen out of daddys pocket. Snacks are only for the baby and are held until after the sacrament is passed. For the most part it has been fine and no complaints from either side and it has been good. I do notice that it does depend on where we sit in church since everyone has kids, they are more reverent when we are not around thier friends. I also try to say a little prayer of revrence either before the meeting or during the passin of the sacrament that in some way I might maintain the reverence of myself so that I can maintain the reverence of my children. Just some thoughts.

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