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Lately, even though the kids have bundles of new toys around them to amuse them, they’ve been really interested in the scrapbooks — especially the ones surrounding their births. I think they enjoy seeing that at some point they made me suffer like this little one is. Yesterday, they somehow dumped all the pages out of one of them. Drew was insightful enough to clean it up without me having to freak out and scream at everyone but as I was cooking dinner I reminded the kids about how much care, money, and time those take. I think what I said was something along the lines of, “When I scrapbooked, I used almost all my free time, and a lot of my own money to make those with.” And then came Conner’s answer “You mean, you’re not doing them anymore?” And there was silence. Two little pleading faces — just like when they want candy –stared back at me. “Well, I hope to get back to it after the holidays, I guess it’s something that’s important.” And then time moved on. They were re-assured that each moment would be captured.

I think the last page I did had a photo from fall 2007 (and I am a total chronological scrapbooker, if Stacy Julian couldn’t pull me away from it — you won’t either, just move on).

Since then I’ve grown further and further behind, with stuff accumulating to scrapbook (thankfully, I haven’t bought hardly any supplies since then, a few — I think, when I was in UT). It’s overwhelming to even look at it. I have had a pretty specific system about how things would work and that was at a complete standstill.

So, today I decided, was the day to organize my scrapbook stuff. I’d already tackled some of it in the office closet, eliminating a lot of that (and OMG, I put my bazzil cardstock with my regular cardstock — I call it the Unified Cardstock District now). Today I went through all the stuff that was accumulating, and figured out what was really important to our family, and what isn’t. It felt good to organize that, and now I do have page packets ready to go when I’m ready.

One big thing happened. I’ve been throwing all my scrapbooking magazines in there, and I have almost a year and a half that I haven’t so much as even peeked at. I threw away all the 2007’s and I called and cancelled my subscription to Creating Keepsakes Magazine. {gasp}
I used to get SO excited when the magazine came. But now I just get tired when I look at it. I still have a few to peek through for ideas if necessary, but I’m well aware that the Internet is a treasure trove of ideas just waiting to be used.

So, what happened to the scrapbooker in me, you might wonder.

I’m not really sure. I did have some really bad experiences with some of my publications. I felt like things were too expensive and I was being told I just COULD NOT scrapbook if I didn’t have certain supplies… when, no one knows more than me that all it takes is some card stock, glue and a pen. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the pretty paper, and the embellishments — but it’s overwhelming to decide at times. Plus, going out to lunch with friends was giving me more joy than buying supplies. :)

I’m back on the wagon. I want to get the page packets done that I made today, and I want to do at least 1 photo from each month of 2008. I think that’s a realistic goal — and it’s one that will help me document what’s REALLY important in our lives, not just cute and phony. :)

HOWEVER, I do a family DVD each year, which is what I’ve really been on top of as of late. Kids like it, and it does a fair job of showcasing the photos (which also makes me feel like I don’t have to scrapbook each photo — almost every decent photo I take goes on the DVD, along with the video we take). I actually HIGHLY recommend this. It’s so fun to take music you love and combine it with your family photos. I also give a copy out as my mother’s day present every year {shhhhh….}.

I think it’s my new years resolution to get back on this. So, what about you? Do you have a hobby that you loved for YEARS and YEARS (I SB faithfully since 1994) and suddenly it’s just not working for you? Do you think it’s worth it to bring it back? Do you think I can do it? Are there things causing clutter in your life that you need to “cancel” — New Years is a great time to re-evaluate.

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  1. says

    Man. We really do have twin minds.

    Haven’t TOUCHED my scrapbook stuff since I entered HOF in February. Then last week, I had the bug and did 6 pages. They aren’t great, they certainly will never be published, but that’s okay. I think I got rid of that part that says it has to all be perfect.

    Went to Archiver’s yesterday and picked up a few things on clearance and I hope to get a few pages done each week. We shall see. Because in the end, the reason we started (for the kids and posterity) is the reason we should continue. Not all the publishing and stuff that came in between. I don’t think I’ll ever submit another page.

  2. says

    I am feeling the same way, Hilary. I could’ve written the post you wrote word for word myself!!! I can not figure out how to get back into it again. I feel horrible because I haven’t scapbooked any thing about Chloe! She’ll probably be the one who will appreciate it the most too! What to do?!?!

    I have a friend that has started digital scrapbooking and said she doesn’t pay for any thing on-line (embellishments and paper). She said she really likes it. I’m one that likes the layered and textured look of scrapbooking…I don’t know…I’ve got to figure a way to get excited about it again. Let me know how things go for you!

  3. says

    I love that post. I’m chronological, too, and let’s just say you’re MUCH better off than I am! I just figure that someday when I have the time to spend on me that it’ll be there waiting. For now I keep it organized by year (yep, I’m several years behind) and tell myself it’s o.k. to just do my best.

    For the new year, however…since you asked, my goal is to finish Tanner’s baby book (I do their first year in their own book).

    I’m glad you’re getting back to it and remembering the important reasons for doing it.

  4. says

    These are good scrapbooking ideas. I don’t subscribe to the magazines anymore either. I also keep a Christmas album that is updated every year with our holiday phoots, card and letter. I can’t on top of everything else but that I manage to do!

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