We Don’t Need Better Regulators — We Need Better People

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I am sick of hearing how we need better regulators on Wall Street.
We need better people,
People who will be honest in their dealings.
People who will know right from wrong. Obviously those are lacking. Seriously lacking.
Why isn’t Barack Obama out saying, “What this man did was wrong, it was evil. He should feel like the scum of the earth.” My dad thinks we should bring back the stockades — and perhaps allow all of our rotten produce to be used in this manner. Perhaps we’d be better composters.

Yesterday I was at the dollar store. It was a mad house, and thankfully I didn’t find anything worth buying and we were able to leave quickly. However, I was walking down one of the isles and a mom had opened a can of silly string and was spraying it on the store’s product and her children. I suppose, she wanted to show her children how it worked? I was appalled, and I laughed out loud as I passed her — but she didn’t even flinch. I wish I would’ve said something. “What you are doing is wrong. You are cheating the stores in so many ways… and you are teaching your children to do the same.” I didn’t, but we need people with courage who can say “what you are doing is wrong” and we need other people willing to back those people up.

Anyway, if Barack Obama really wants change, those are the kinds of people he needs.

BTW, has anyone seen about this Warren guy who’s saying the prayer at the inauguration. He seems like a stand-up dude, and I think it’s sad that so many people hate him. I saw a snippet of him on the Today Show, and I guess he’s gonna be on Dateline tonight. Interesting fellow.

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