Would Christ Not Shop at a Store Just Because They Didn’t Wish Him a Merry Christmas?

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I was just reading an article about how stores are walking the delicate balance between Merry Christmas and “Happy Holidays.” I think it’s such a freak show.

My favorite Christmas movie is “Christmas Eve on Sesame Street” — and in it Mr Hooper is still alive and he wishes Bob a Merry Christmas, and Bob says you too, and then steps back and says “Mr. Hooper, Happy Hanukkah.” and it’s a warm moment. Mr Hooper was Jewish but still wished Bob a Merry Christmas, and gave his friends Christmas presents. And Bob, because he knew and loved Mr. Hooper, wishes him a Happy Hanukkah, because he knows that’s something that’s important to Mr. Hooper.

So there are lists of stores that don’t include the word “Christmas” in their advertising — we’re not told to “boycott” the stores — but just have a knowledge of how they advertise. Applying the overly-used verbage “What Would Jesus Do”, or WWJD to those who appreciate some good slang, what would He do?

I think he’d wish Mr. Hooper a Happy Hanukkah, I think he’d wish my Muslim friends a happy holidays, I think he’d heal the sick and give the homeless a place to stay. I think he could care less about what Old Navy calls their sale.

But isn’t Christmas loving the person. The beauty of Christmas is that it is a one-on-one thing. I buy a present for Spencer, that I think Spencer alone will love, and he buys one for me (which Drew has to constantly remind him is for ME — not for him). Because I know one of our doctors at work is Jewish I wish him a Happy Hanukkah and he appreciates it — it’s a personal thing.

And THAT I think is what Jesus would appreciate, loving the one — showing you care to that one person. After all, that was what his life was spent doing, and he still does it today by giving us the gift of warm hearts, and blessings beyond which we deserve.

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    Here here.. So much infact I wish to now blog about how greatful I am for MY husband and all he puts up with. Thanks for lighting a fire under my hiney

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    Perfectly said. I have never understood all the hoopla from both sides. I would not be offended to be wished a Happy Hannukah by someone who is Jewish. It’s so silly.

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