Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good Article

There's a good article about President Hinckley's viewing in the Deseret News.
Brings me a little closer, from far away.
And, I'm particularly fond of the writer of said article. :)

Need Some Dinner Ideas?

I'm looking for some ways to serve the sausage I'm buying so cheaply.....

Special Dinner Times

Was it Amy, or Denise? SOMEONE told a great tradition they have in their families and we've started doing it and it's completley a tradition now. The kids adore it. They tell me when they've figured out their high or their low.
So, you go around the table and everyone tells the best thing that happened to them during the day and the worst. It has truly been an eye opener. Conner is opening up a lot more about the things that happen at school and what he's most proud of. I actually hear something about what happened during Drew's day, and I'm guessing it's the same for me -- since we mostly say "how was your day" and the other one says "fine" or {glare} -- you know... that's about all that's said.
Anyway, it's a good tradition, and one that I highly recommend.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweet Deal at Safeway

I found a sweet deal going on at Safeway this week.
They have a 10$ rebate on 5 Sara Lee items. Now, you're saying to yourself "Sara Lee? I never buy Sara Lee?" Well, you do -- because Hillshire farms is ALSO a Sara Lee Brand.
Hello, Lunchmeat.
So, here's the scenario.
Their deli thin-sliced lunchmeat is on sale for 2 and 3 dollars a package, depending on the size of the container. Let's say you buy 5 of the 2 dollar packages -- that's 10 bucks, and then you get a 10 dollar coupon for your next purchase.
So, then you could go buy Hillshire farms sausage (which I love in soups, or eggs -- the turkey kind, of course) which is 2 for 5. Your total will be 12.50 -- and you can use the 10 dollar coupon that you got on your last purchase to make your total for 5 sausages 2.50 :) Feel the 50 cent joy.
Jimmy dean is also a Sara Lee brand -- their Sausage and pre-cooked bacon are both on sale for 2.50/package.
Hillshire farms also has deli wraps which are on sale for 3 dollars/package -- after the deal that makes them 1 dollar/package -- which is a nice quick lunch for those of us who need those. Watch the fat grams though, I looked and one package would be near 28 fat grams -- I'm guessing because of the dressing included (I was looking at the Cesar wrap, which is the only one I could find),
Anyway, that's my deal for today. Use it well ladies.
ETA: Also just realized State Fair Corndogs are on sale for 3.99 -- making them only 2 bucks after coupon, which is a REALLY great deal for 16 corndogs. Nice.....
Everything that's on sale is on this spreadsheet (thanks to whoever made it up).

FHE at the Ericksons

I had a request for completely anal FHE schedule.
Mock if you will.
1st & 3rd Monday -- from the past General Conference Ensign (we've done this for most of our FHE's, and last year we concentrated on the articles of faith -- I feel very strongly that this is the best FHE's we can have, although I also felt like I needed a little freedom, so that's why we've chosen to do them twice a month). Sometimes it takes some ingenuity to whittle these down for the kids, but I've often found unique ways to do it, that help me to better unsteand their talks anyway.
2nd monday -- Family preference. Sometimes we need help in certain simple areas. Most often you will find this FHE to be on sharing or not arguing. Shocking, I know.
4th Monday -- Article of Faith review -- I really liked our article of faith lessons last year, but doing it every week was painful -- it's nice to only do one week and focus on re-memorizing and reminding how we use them in our lives.
5th Monday -- family preparedness. We do fire disaster drills, we make sure our 72 hour kits are stocked, that kind of stuff. My kids LOVE these lessons. And since they kind of get repetitive, it's nice to only do them every couple of months on the 5th Monday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miss America

Liked the new Miss America show.
Didn't like that Miss Utah got re-voted on, and then the judges sent her right back off for the FITNESS portion? She obviously the most fit girl there -- she was ready to take on Iraq on her own.
I think a big portion was that she wore a one piece, and everyone else had bikini suits on.
I do like how the pageant is updating itself though, I appreciated that.

Problems and Deals of the Week

So, first the deals. I am grateful for the Money Saving Mom blog which has made going to Walgreens and Rite Aid a little less scary, since I know there are good deals to be had there. So, today:

1. They have Clear Care free with a rebate. I use clear care a for my contacts anyway, so I thought that was a good deal, and most likely worth the hassle of turning in the rebate (word on the street they'll do Internet rebates soon).
2. Chapstick "lip butter" is 2 dollars and you get a 2 dollar register receipt (which you can't use til' your next shopping trip) but if you frequent Walgreens (as I will now) that's a good deal.
3. Kleenex is 89 cents/box (including the lotion ones, which is what I ended-up buying) -- and if you use the 50 cents/3 coupon that was in your paper on Sunday it makes it $2.17 for the 3 boxes, just about 72 cents/box. Fairly good.
4. Word on the street, Excedrin's on clearance and with a coupon from you can get a box for under a dollar. They were out at the store I was at.

Chex mix is only 88 cents/bag this week. If you use a coupon from you can get the bags for only 38 cents. I stocked-up for our trip to Disneyland, where we'll probably eat a bag a day.

Anyway, this obviously only works if you have a little time to spare, but I did today.... just thought I'd share.

NOW, to the problems.

We have some problems at our house. Nothing big, but since my readership is increasing I thought I'd ask and see if anyone has good solutions.

First off, my oldest is ALWAYS off his chair during dinner. He's eating standing up, he's eating on one foot, he's always up. It drives me insane. Obviously, I could bungee cord him to the chair but I am constantly asking him to sit on his chair. He also eats everything with his fingers (yes he's 7 -- fyi). I have a good idea on how to fix that (thanks Becky!) but I keep forgetting. It does involve giving him baby finger food next time it's an issue. I mentioned that last time and he's doing better.

Anyway, that's the only problem I can think of now. IF you do well, I will spill more of our dreadful secrets. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008


This morning I was reading Morni 7:45 " And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. "
I thought these very same things about President Hinckley -- and to church members worldwide we have seen someone in President Hinckley to emulate oure lives after. He was all these things that charity is. He embodied charity.
Tonight our FHE is supposed to be on the 1st Article of Faith (review of last year, we're trying to do that once a month). At first I was bugged because I wanted to do a lesson about President Hinckley (and you are welcome to speak to my lack of tolerance to change on your own time, thanks so much) -- but then I realized this was the perfect opportunity. We DO NOT worship Presidnt Hinckely. At first, when I heard of his death, I went through all the phases of grief fairly quickly, but I kind of halted on the fact that I feel like a gospel orphan right now. For so long I have looked to him for guidance, to help me guide my life. But, I wasn't looking to him, I was looking to HIM -- Heavenly Father was always behind him, as he will be the next prophet. I am so grateful for that, and that's what our FHE will be on tonight.
Last night I read President Hinckley's final Genereal Conference talk -- on the Prophet Joseph Smith. I am so thankful I was able to give a lesson about Him this past time I taught in Relief Society.
BTW, I didn't see a single thing about him on our news this AM. I watched the entire first hour of the Today Show. Completely their loss.
My email tot the Today Show (my regular Morning program):
I was very disappointed this AM to not see a single piece of coverage on the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints leader dying. The LDS religion is the 4th largest religion in the United States and he has been at the helm of it for a very long time.
Consistently we see things on the news of bad people, who have done bad things for extended periods of time. And yet, a many who bestowed every good virtue we could hope for died in a respectable manner and you weren't able to devote a second to him (although I only watched your first hour).
He wouldn't have wanted his death on your program.
But you should be ashamed that it wasn't.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Day for Me

We always go to church, but today I just couldn't. I'd been fending off a cold for weeks, and with no "sick" days I decided to stay home for myself today. So I did. I watched 12 hours of Anne of Green Gables -- the entire series. So touched by what a great story it is, and how it wills you to be a better person.
And then I came out to the news about President Hinckley. I am such a mess inside about it. Of course, it doesn't help that I've spent watching 12 hours of girl drama. For those of you not of my faith -- President Hinckley is the prophet of our church. He's been in the first presidency since before I can remember and he was sustained as prophet my freshman year of college. I have had such a huge testimony of him. It's hard to imagine how I could love a man as much as my grandfather who I have only met once, and even then it was very briefly -- but I do feel as if a member of my own family has passed away.
I am so grateful for his service, and I can only imagine the reunion for him in heaven. SO many people have been helped by him. I hope the media catches this story and people around the world realize what an amazingly loving and giving man he was.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Last night I was reading the BYU today magazine (it's the alumni magazine for BYU). They had a few articles on finances, which -- of course, I'm interested in. Always wanting to see how we're doing and get good ideas.
In the articles they mentioned that because we pay tithing (church members who wish to be in full-standing pay 10% of their increase all year to the church), we can't expect to have everything that everyone else does. Frankly, I've never heard that before. Whenever you hear about tithing you hear that the blessings will far outweigh what you give, and you'll never miss a thing. But realisticially, you will. I'd just never heard it from anyone.
Yes, there are countless blessings. And more importantly, the church needs that money to run well. So, I give with a willing heart (most times). But, we do need to be realistic about how it all comes-out in the wash. My money could've gone to a new car... or to Heavenly Father. It was my choice. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Feel Her Pain

Did you guys see this story? It's the one where the kids calls a school adminstrator's home and leaves a message asking them to cancel school for a snow day. The wife calls the kid back and FA-REAKS out on him with a 6 minute message.
A) Wife was dumb.
B) Kid was dumb.
But I feel the wife's pain. OH, do I feel her pain. I can NOT BELIEVE how many students we have calling the house, at all hours. We've had calls before 7 am and well into the hours when I am usually sleeping. Are these kids dying? Has someone close to them died? No, they're just wondernig about a concert. Something like that.
Now I'd like to also say that Drew has a slew of parents who really help him out, but they've gone out of their way to help out our family, and I'm fine if they call. They are very considerate and they're usually helping out, which I appreciate (obviously).
But, it's the kid that calls at 9:30 the night before a parade saying they dont' have a ride to school that just gets me. I would NEVER call C's teacher at home. I guess I could see situations where I might. Like, if he were in the hospital, or if Drew died or something like that. Serious situations.
But teachers have phones at school, they have email. I have plenty of ways to contact her if I have an issue. And I do (oh, believe me I do). Also, I think kids think Drew's cell phone is paid for by the school distric. It's not. Period. Ever. We pay it and I swear 90% of our minutes goes to band stuff. BUT, is it tax deductible? I think not (but seriously, if it is -- someone email me, that doesn't really seem fair).
And yes, feel free to reference this blog post in your next Booster meeting. :)
In other news, I am addicted to Jane cosmetics now. I LOVED their powder. I think it's just as good as the Bare Escentuals I bought a few months ago (and then returned because I felt it was overpriced). I think out of pocket I have spent somewhere near 10 dollars, and what have I gotten in return? Powder, shimmering powder, 2 pots of eyeshadow, 2 eyeshadow combos, 1 eyliner, 1 eye crayon (?), 2 lip glosses, 2 chapstick type things, 2 blushes, bronzer, and mascara. I think that's all. :)
Stop me.
I mean it.
By popular demand I've posted a picture. Feel free to tell me what an AMAZING shopper I am -- and yes, all for just about 10 bucks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Deal Of the Day

Just went to Walgreens -- I bought a pound of cheese (they have 8 oz shredded cheese on sale for 99 cents -- with an in-store coupon), and 6 different cosmetics for 5.98.
How you might ask?
Look at their top deal. It sounds like Jane has good powdered cosmetics, esp. the shimmering bronzer. I've been REALLY wanting some new colors for my eyes and some shimery-ness, so I bought lip gloss (which is supposed to be average), 3 different eyshadows, shimering bronzer, and shimmering blush.
ALL for 5.98.


Cheese used to be 4 bucks, now it's 6.
Let's not talk about gas.
Milk -- I mean, I'm lucky my kids don't love it. Truly a blessing in these times.

So, it means more then ever to NOW work your grocery lists, ladies. I know I've posted it before but I've been printing out a lot of internet coupons and I'm more closely monitoring what we buy and how we use it. I'm not sure how much MORE closely I could monitor it, but I'm trying. :)

So, here's some links that you might find helpful: -- not only can you find great deals on things at Target or your local drugstore, you can also register and bring-up the savings for your state -- and it'll show you when to combine a coupon and all that jazz. I don't do so well on combining coupons but I'm working on it. & -- great place to print out coupons -- coupons for the boxtops people, it's a double bonus.
Anyway, we have some summer vacation plans and in order to make them happen I need to tighten the purse strings around here. Does anyone else have any great sites I could make use of?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I am a Scrapbooker

I don't hang out at 2P's any more (much).
I don't by supplies any more (much).
But it's still something I want to do.
I'm venturing into the world of digital. LOVE the digital layouts, but a huge part of me is a paste eater. I love the feeling of the paper, and let's not even talk about how much I have invested into it. So, layouts that have LOTS of photos on them are turning digital, and the ones with just a few will keep being on paper.

I've done a few lately and I wasn't gonna post but what the heck....

Have You Considered John McCain?

My kids are obsessed with the election. I was just watching MSNBC (hoping to figure out which interest rate they cut) and they were talking about Hilary Clinton and I heard Spencer say "BARACK O-BAMA" (frankly, I think they like his name better, which is fine with me if Clinton wins I will never have my name for myself again). On the phone with my mom, Conner asked my mom if she had considered John McCain. I don't really talk about the election with them. They do know that Mitt Romney (who Spencer can sight on TV) is LDS but I have said that we don't for a person based on their religion, but by who we think will be a better president. Anyway, it's very amusing. It does make me happy that they're interested in the news, I know I wasn't way back then. Except of course, when Dave Magelby was on TV talking about it because A) I loved his bow tie and B) I knew him.

In other news Drew got home at 9:30 last night. They only got in about 5 hours of skiing, and only one wreck for their car. Thankfully, Drew wasn't driving. He had a great time, but he didn't call me at all the entire day, and I spent a fair amount of it stressed about how he was doing (bad worrying -- bad, bad worrying). That is neither here nor there. However, we had a talk on Sunday night about how all people keep score cards. If I had a girlfriend who was always taking from me and never giving, it probably wouldn't be a relationship that I would stay in. A marriage is similar, although you have to have a very forgiving with your scorecard, I think we all have one. Drew has gotten a fair amount as of late and I was sort of complaining about that on the phone (again bad me). Drew thought it was unfair to even have the scorecard. I said it's human nature to try and equalize relationships, at least to some extent. What do you guys think? Do you have a scorecard in your marriage? If your husband has a day with the guys, do you think you deserve a day for yourself?

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Note on the poll

I don't think there's a "right" way. Every child is different.
I know that the church hopes that families will sit together unless a child is disturbing, and then then families deal with it the best way they can.
Again, that depends on the family and the way they've chosen to handle it.
I have a really hard time with our "mothers lounge" for the reason that families are to sit together. I know that the church take-out many of the cry rooms because they wanted children to learn to sit with their family. For us, letting our kids walk the halls just seemed to be a reward for being disturbing. That was our reasoning (and frankly, more mine then Drew's -- I knew if he left SS -- he'd go out in the halls and be gone most of the rest of the class).
Again, that's just me. :)
*It's my blog and I'll give my opinions if I want to...... :)*

Makin' it Through

Drew went skiing today. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a THOUSAND times how much he's missed skiing since we moved here. So, I "let" him go. I hate to use the word "let" -- since it's really his decision, but he wanted to go and I was OK with watching the kids since I know it's something he loves.
This isn't to say I wasn't dreading the day. I'd kind of had a few errands I'd like to run set-up in my head (although nothing big). But, as soon as Drew said he was going I quickly networked and set up plans for myself and kids. I find that the only thing that gets me through a long day is friends. Friends for my kids, and myself. We went to the Great Mall, checked out their Disney closeouts store, walked around a bit, ate at Hobee's (it was even tolerable with 4 kids and 2 adults), and then home to M's to play the wii. We went over on Christmas and did an adult wii game and Conner was VERY bummed, so he was OVERJOYED at the fact it was a kids day. I won't say the day didn't go without a hitch but it was pretty fun and now I find myself with only about 2 hours before bedtime and I think I can handle it. As long as my husband doesn't pull a Sonny Bono on the mountain {sigh -- and yes, I did lay awake in bed and think about that as he was leaving at 5:30 this AM -- but I reminded myself NO worrying -- and that helped}.
Anyway, I'm just so thankful for friends who help you pull through a day.
Interesting responses to my church question. For me the requirement to be in a place and be quiet was important to me. This isn't to say that I didn't have an entire Disneyland in my bag waiting to entertain them -- but we did stay in class as long as they weren't very disrupting (and I think people need to allow for baby noises, that's just part of being Mormon). Anyway, I think a little poll as to what people do with their kids during class might be fun.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Husbandly Tag

Emily Kate had this on her blog -- and I thought I'd be a good thing to have pub'd in my blog book whenever that happens.... :D Shocking, she didn't even actually TAG me, but I'm doing it anyway.
{ gasp}
What’s his name? Drew Samuel
How long have you been together? Well, we were engaged Feb 15th 1997 -- and we were together about 6 months before that... so what, just about 11 years? Give or take a few...
How long did you date? 6 months. I'd use the word "dating" lightly -- I was in nursing school and they frowned on anything that didn't involve blood and guts -- so we did grocery shop together, and sometimes we watched ER (because that not only involves blood, but also guts)
How old is he? 33 (get out the Geritol)
Who eats more? Drew, Drew and Drew. I WISH I could eat as much as he does -- but I think we're all aware of my weight loss quest.
Who said I love you first? Drew -- and my response "no you don't." We'd just had a communication class in school where we were told we might have psycho patients tell us they loved us so we were practicing saying "no you don't" -- it just came naturally. :)
Who is taller? Hello. Drew.
Who is smarter? One word answer. Me. Obviously. :) Drew does beat me on quite a few things, but his vaginal knowledge is quite limited. {sigh} -- who knows how he gets along.
Who does laundry? I wash, he folds. It works for us.
Who does the dishes? I make dinner, he cleans-up -- sometimes with a little help from me or a child. He's a keeper.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Who's right? If you're ON the bed -- it's Drew -- if you're LOOKING at the bed, it's me.
Who pays the bills? I am the Erickson financial guru. I even do our own taxes.
Who mows the lawn? Drew, I can't even start the lawn mower. But, perhaps I can now that my guns are so big {arm kiss}
Who cooks dinner? Me.
Who drives when you are together? Drew, I hate to drive.
Who is more stubborn? Hello. Drew. I am so submissive it's just silly. :)
Who kissed who first? Drew kissed me. I think. Those times, they are a bit fuzzy now. :)
Who asked out who first? I think Drew did... but most likely it was me begging a ride to grocery shop on a Friday night. Can we all say "losah!!!!"
Who proposed? Drew to me. If we're talking marriage. :)
Who has more siblings? Drew, 5 sisters -- God bless his soul.
Who wears the pants in the family? The pants in our family are finely tailored to myself. Well, maybe I should say I wear the skirt and he wears the pants -- and we have matching belts. :) It depends on the issue. But, frankly -- moms are home more, I do have to make a lot of decisions about the kids on my own. Not sure if that's pants wearing or not...

Fun little quiz -- feel free to answer it for yourself. People who I'd be particularly interested to see: Lara, Denise, Miranda (I know, you don't have a blog -- just email it to me -- or write it down in your journal), Allison, and anyone else who is the mood. Make sure to link me when you do it. Sometimes it's nice to get a peek into other people's marriages.

A Gentle Reminder

A member of our ward Bishopric mentioned that we should be attending ALL of our meetings. This wasn't even spoken to those who leave after one meeting (and there are plenty of those) -- but to those in our ward who saunter the hallways chatting during Sunday School.
I'll admit it, I've been guilty of it before -- but once I started my calling in Young Women's I really wanted to be a good example to those girls. Of course, when I was 9 mo pregnant with Spencer it hurt to sit so bad I would sometimes take a lap during Sunday school just to shake-off the old tailbone (it also still hurt for almost 2 years after he was born -- am I the only one that happened to?). Fortunately, in the past few months I've found some Sunday School teachers who are really great. Right now we're in a Marriage class which has been REALLY great. Thankful that I'm excited to go to Sunday School right now.
Of course, after the gentle reminder the bishopric member said that he understood that having a young child might prevent you from attending Sunday School.
Of course, in my head I thought a few things:
1) Why? You need to be an example to the kids, that meetings are what you do on Sunday so they'd better get used to it.
2) It doesn't take both parents walking the halls with the kid... if that's how they've chosen to handle their distruptions.
3) What about people with tailbone issues? Why single out children? :D
Anyway, interesting that people need to be reminded to attend meetings. I mean, why do we go in the first place? I realize that much of why I go is social. I enjoy seeing my friends. But as I've grown older I really appreciate getting a bit of spritual nourishment in my "cup."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm in Touch...

So you be in touch.... :D
This year some of my friends have had a goal to stay in touch with old friends. While this wasn't a goal of mine it certainly is working out well for me. Many old friends have found my blog, and actually comment (I can't speak to those who don't comment -- but I think we've been over how I feel about people stalking my blog without EVER commenting). Some old friends found me on Facebook. These are people from HS who I haven't seen in ages, and that's really fun too.
What is it that makes us want to find old friends, and enjoy their company? I had a friend from HS over for dinner last weekend. I hadn't seen him probably since I left BYU, and most likley before that. We have little in common now besides both living in this area, being Mormon and being married. Still, it was a great dinner. He hadn't changed much (thank goodness) and it was nice to sit with someone I have history with.
But, what makes old friends different then new friends?
I'll be considering that, do any of you have ideas?
and perhaps you'd like to comment if you're stalking me. OR, you could look me up on Facebook. If you're my friend you know my name.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We didn't abolish slavery

Last night I worked postpartum.
It's a welcome break from L&D -- when it comes about every 6 months (and I don't think I have worked PP for about six months).
Anyway, I love it when the dads ring the call light to ask us to change the baby.
I get it when moms do. I was once a mom with a 4th degree laceration who getting off the bed seemed like climbing mount Everest. I get the moms (although most nurses don't).
I'll go in, I'll stand by the dad while he does it but I'm always amazed at how so many give-up at like 1/2 way through. They can't hold the feet and wipe at the same time, they just look at me like it's SO DARN HARD.
And then the dads come back with the next baby and they're all trained.
I had like 4 of them do this last night so it was just extra amusing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Little Drew

Alright, enough of the whine-fest blog.
I'm over myself.
Interesting note, every time I teach Relief Society I get sick. Anyone have any ideas? Do people hate my lessons so much they're spewing curses at me under their breath?
Most likely.
Anyway, yesterday was Drew's birthday. He's getting his new trombone so funds for his birthday were limited, but for 6 bucks I made him 2 microwave rice packs (one for his neck and shoulders and then a square one so we don't have to share anymore) and bought him some calrose rice. And yes, there was an apparent theme.
Since the kids weren't getting him actual presents, we had family home evening about what a great dad Drew is. They each shared a few things that they appreciate about him. Hopefully he enjoyed it. I always enjoy hearing what they come-up with on those types of occasions.
Then, Drew came-up with gifts that he'd like from us that don't cost anything. Mine was to stop worrying so much. Drew's such a great compliment to my over-worrying. I appreciate him so much.
And now, to my bottle of zicam.
BTW, Turbo Tax is on sale this week at Costco (with a coupon) -- roughly did mine last night. Made me happy to figure it all out. I always dread we'll end-up paying. And thankfully this year we won't. Feel the joy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Bad Seed

So, as I've said -- Conner's had some problems listening at school. He's never had too ill of behavior at school (let's face it, he's 7 and a boy -- we're lucky this is all I have on my plate) but now that I have some more seasoned parents reading my blog I thought I would ask how you back up behavior at school at home?
His teacher does a card system where the best is Purple, then Blue, then yellow, then red and then the ill-begotten black card (in which case you have to go to the pricipal). Lately we've just gotten a lot of yellow cards -- mostly because the teacher warns him and he immediately goes back to the bad behavior.
Anyway, has anyone been in this situation? I'm prepared not to worry about it (I appreciate all those comments on the blog lately, and I am VOWING to not worry anymore -- and remind myself to either do something about it, of if that's not possible to leave it in God's hands). But, if there's more I could be doing I want to do so. Both Drew and I are popping in the class this week, so that is a good help right there.
Oh, and we watched the Nativity Story last night. I'd put it on our Blockbuster list over Christmas but then it didn't come til' the 27th or so. Drew and I had both been kinda putting it off but we watched it last night. I felt such compassion for Joesph. It was a good movie. Big recommends for it. I think I really had some introspection at the point where Mary was so worried about what would happen to her and this baby since she was out of wedlock and she just said it's in the Lord's hands. And even though I wasn't inpregnanted by Him -- I know he watches out for me just as much.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I think perhaps I have too many friends, but I will try and post honest answers. :)

A. Each player answers the questions about themselves.B. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 years ago: (Jan 1998) I'm sure I was not as tired as I am right now, but most likely I was. Let's see, Drew and I were newlyweds. I was in my Alternative Methods class at BYU (what a joke) -- but it was a nice break. I wished Drew was home more, and I was working at Utah Valley Pediatrics. Some things never change....

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Put away the church bags, and swap out toys.
2. Go to church. :) (low expectations of myself)
3. Make dinner
4. Do a scrapbook page
5. Play a game with the kiddos (btw, all of those have been accomplished).

Snacks I enjoy:
Salty yummy things

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Stop working
2. Buy a bigger house
3. Travel
4. Give some money to the Santa Clara Band :) (since I can't imagine Drew not working)
5. Face it, I'd go to Disneyland. :)

3 of my bad habits:
1. Worrying
2. Stressing
3. Yelling

5 places I have lived:
1. North Provo, UT
2. Less-north Provo. :)
2. Williamsburg, VA
3. Princeton, NJ
4. Santa Clara, CA

5 jobs I have had:
1. Roll girl at the Cannon center (don't ask)
2. After Hours Nurse
3. Charge nurse at a nursing home
4. Home Health/Hospice Nurse
5. Labor and delivery nurse

5 things people don't know about me:
Pleading the 5th on this one -- I'm fairly sure I have nothing to sya that hasn't been said on this blog.

I will tag no one because I am so celestial. ;)

A Little Mind-Clearing at its finest

Taught my RS lesson -- went over really well. The first Vision is something I struggle with. Not that I don't believe it or any of that, but that I have a hard time sharing it. It's something very special to me, and I couldn't articulate it. This lesson def. helped me realize it's about a boy who had a question and prayed about it, and then his prayer was answered. That's all people need to understand, we can have questions, take them to the Lord and he will answer them. A sweet story all in all. Anyway, lesson went well.

We had a high school friend that has moved here over for dinner. In actuality he's lived here for several years and I feel badly that I haven't had him sooner, but it was a good night and I enjoyed seeing how we've all grown up and finding out a little bit more about our lives.

It's funny to talk to other Utahns who now live in CA. Amusing to see what the other one sees. Nice to talk to someone who's on the same wavelength. Nice indeed.

So, the weekend went well. Feel the joy.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Good Thing

Went to the Temple Today.
Of course, my hospital called at 6 am this morning -- for no real reason. I can't come-in anymore so I'm not sure why they were calling. Well, I could have -- it's a long story. Anywho...
Of course, that gave me about 2 hours to sit in my bed and sing that loathing song from Wicked over and over...
BUT, I did TWO scrapbook pages in the morning as well as organizing and cleaning the house. Then, it was off to the temple. I really needed some peace in my life. I keep vacillating between being stressed and hating my current life I just needed to take a step back.
The temple completely did that for me.
While there I realized that when I stress about things that stress isn't going to help -- I am showing a lack of faith that God will take care of me.
And I think we've already been over the fact that He loves me and he always has my best interests at heart. I was also reminded that I have my husband, and that I don't have to worry enough for the both of us.
We went to Black Angus on the way back. I don't think we'll have to eat again for a few days.
Drew's cousin Valarie watched the kids. She is such a blessing in our lives. She took them to the sports Expo. She's basically their fun aunt -- and every kid needs one of those, right?
Can't thank her enough for all that she did for our lives today.
Anyway, you're now looking at a happier positive me.
Go team.

Book of Mormon

Does it strike anyone else surprised that my week of bad news began with us deciding to do scripture study. I know, nothing terrible happened, but it does seem like in many facets of our life, things are slowly sliding downhill.
I'm teaching relief society tomorrow (advance notice for anyone who wants to feign illness) and it's about the First Vision. Joseph testifies of the powerful ways of Satan and I have always thought that was one of the most important parts of the whole story -- that Satan is real and he wants to thwart righteousness, that's his main goal.
I am fairly sure that Satan likes it when we're coasting along, sometimes reading scriptures, not really dedicated to it -- so when we make a bold decision -- like, to read our scriptures as a family daily, he gets mad -- and takes it out on us. I'm not saying that these two things are for sure linked -- just interesting.
However, we were reading the Book of Mormon last night -- and we read about the part where the people didn't like Lehi because he was telling them the things they did wrong. It came to me that we could liken that unto Conner. I bet it's hard for him to have "chastisement" like he has the past few days, but he needs to realize it's for his benefit. When I pointed that out to him, I think I saw a tiny flicker of light come on in his brain. It testified to me that although the week has been bad, it will be worth it in the end.
In other news:
My uber friend Lara gave me the soundtrack to Wicked for Christmas.
I have the song about loathing stuck in my head.......
Trying to sing primary songs, trying to do most anything, but it still stays in my mind.
Popular.... you wanna be pop-U-lar......

Friday, January 11, 2008

Even My Garbage Can Wanted to Commit Suicide

So, last night I'm making dinner (boiled my own beans before using them in my soup -- very thrifty I am -- but MAN the beans boiling did NOT smell good -- made me re-think my thrifty ways. Conner kept asking what was smelling so bad and I'd say "that's our dinner dear." -- nice)... anyway, back to making dinner I hear this weird clicking sound, and i look over to see the garbage can lid still open.
Sidetrack: We have the coolest garbage can ever. I wanted a stainless steel one, and found one at Costco that open when your hand goes near it -- it has an infrared sensor that knows you're close and it just opens -- it's pretty much the talk of the town. :)
I push it down and it slowly goes down... and it no longer works.
MY FANCY GARBAGE CAN COMMITTED SUICIDE? It somehow snapped its own gears off. Thankfully, this garbage can is a Costco purchase, so Drew took it back, got a refund with no questions asked and bought us a new one -- THAT is now 1 dollar cheaper. Feel the joy. I even like this one more, it has a better shape and it's more quiet.
And heavens knows we need some quiet around here.
What elese happened around here yesterday, to precipitate such a drastic trash action? Funny you should ask....
  • Gov. Schwarzenegger proposed a 10% cutback to education. I won't remind you that if we get another pink slip from our fine school district, it will be our last.
  • I got sick from the fine dinner I was making (or frankly, the stress of the day -- perhaps my GI tract wanted to end it all as well). The dinner was actually good -- it was a black eyed pea soup -- it's supposed to bring good luck in the new year (uh-huh).
  • My work situation seems to be settling into us being poor.
  • Conner's had behavior issues at school -- and I'm fairly sure it stems from the fact that my children talk to each other from the moment they wake up til' they turn into their bedtime comas (and not a moment before-hand). Hence, he's talking a bit too much at school.
So, I'm about ready to shear off my own gears.
Funny thing, in the scriptures this AM I read about having hope and how we have to have hope.
So, I have hope, and I'm reminded that even after out little garbage can incident -- in the end we were better-off then when we'd started.
Feel. the. joy.... and the hope. It's beaming brightly before me.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's SCIENCE FAIR time!!!!

So, it's science fair time again, and while I have an inkling of an idea -- has anyone else seen any amazing science fair projects lately? Or, done one themselves?

I am considering doing one on how clogged my sinuses are... MAN it's BAD. I'm wanting to pull my teeth out and cry most of the day.

No such luck though, must journey through my to-do list.

On a brighter note I did finish my first baby blanket last night.
It's adorable.
I'm so proud.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Change is good....

Well, even if I don't believe it, it can be my blog header, right?

Last night, after looking at our finances, I realized that this is the first time, in a LONG time that we don't actually need me working. That isn't to say that it's not helpful, and we're better outfitted if I do -- but it's not a need right now. At least not much. Which, at this point is exactly how much I'm working -- not much.

Drew just bought his trombone, which was what we were saving for (can I get a big woo-hoo for paying for stuff with cash). Of course, that was kind of my "back-up" savings but I digress, we're fine. And now that's done although I'd like a new entertainment center, and we desperately need a watering system we'll be fine (make that any watering system). I am hoping to swap some photography sessions for husbands who are handy in the whole watering system category.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I know God watches out for me. I know he has constantly done what is best for our family, and I am so grateful for Him. I so, so often forget that, and I'm ashamed of that. However, I do think that's the big test of this life, to walk by faith. Makes me want to sing a little Janice Kapp... and for those of you who have heard my little rendition of "I Walk By Faith" you truly are the lucky ones.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I hate change.
I mean, sometimes I get bored with my life, realizing it's stretching out me as far as I can see, in a tiny house with a husband who is a teacher and me eeking out employment one hour at a time.
Things are happening at my work, things are changing it makes me nervous. I probably won't work as much.
It makes me nervous.
And I go into our financial books and I try to plan our lives out as far as the eye can see. Sad thing is I can't. My eyes can't see what will happen. They don't know that they might just change the unit right back to how it was, they don't know that we'll be fine.
And that's where faith comes in. I love the quote on my sidebar that we have to walk by faith, not by what we see.
I hate employing that quote. I hate not knowing.
But I do know that I have my job the way it is so that I can stay home with my kids and if I can do that a little bit more, so be it. And if we don't save as much -- we'll be a happy family.
I need an ativan.

Photography Class

My Friend Joanna is doing a photography class on 2P's. I know a lot of you guys have some new cameras and I know this will be helpful. Joanna's a genius.
Here's a link to the class for this week.

Blanket Stitch

I figured out the whole crochet thing, so if anyone is interested feel free to shoot me an email. I'm fairly proud of myself even if it's making my fingers go into an early arthritic position.

In other news the firm is killing me and the weight loss isn't, slow and steady wins this race, I'm aware.... But, MAN that Firm is hard stuff. Drew bought me some new tapes for Christmas (on my demand, let's not thing he'd buy me tapes to give me a hint, he's too smart for that), and I'm feelin' the burn.

Alright, off to clean....

Monday, January 07, 2008

No Sunbeam.

Conner (left -- January 2004) and Spencer (Right -- Yesterday) both on their first days of Sunbeams (and in the same shirt -- crazy scrapbooking mom -- but honestly, Drew picked them out and what are the chances he'd remember?)

Spencer wants to stay in nursery forever. Honestly, who can blame him? Our ward has, at times, 3 nurseries but the oldest nursery is by far the best. The leader is amazing and we all love her at our house. She truly does an amazing service for these little people, and while they are ready for Sunbeams (they learn how to sit during a lesson and be respectful) they're not ready in their hearts because they love this leader so.

Spencer was really, really sad yesterday. He didn't want to go to sunbeams, he wanted to go to nursery. But, went we did. I mean, we'd talked it up. All week we were cheering for our new little Sunbeam, and it seemed like he was going along with it until I reached the car yesterday morning, and he and Conner were having a fight over the fact that he was NOT going to Primary because he was still in nursery.

So, we went, I let him sit on my lap through the prayer and then I said it was time for me to go. Thank goodness for a good sunbeam teacher who let him sit on her lap. She's like 9 months pregnant and ready to go at any time (and obviously a saint) but she still cuddled him. When I picked him up after church I asked him if he loved Primary. He said he did have a great time and he would sit on her lap again next week. Of course he will, if she doesn't have a new baby by then. :) Hopefully this was only a rocky start.

In other quandries I was really inspired by yesterday's Sunday School lesson to read the scriptures more thoroughly as a family. So, we started reading the Book of Mormon last night, all of us. I'm thinking a collumn a night and we'll just do it with whoever is home. I think in my mind I was so concerned with us all being there it was stopping it. But, some being there is better then none being there, right? But, what do you guys do for scripture study? I know I've asked it before, but I know that some of you are newer so I thought I'd glean a few more ideas.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Interesting Read

Interesting read over on the exponent
(note to readers, I don't uphold about 99% of this blog's thoughts, but I enjoyed this one).
I mostly appreciated that she actualyl went to a leader, instead of the caddy way we Mormons (myself included) often go about things. Also, I applauded the last part where she says we shouldn't freak out and email about every little thing. Couldn't agree more on that.
Do you guys have thoughts?

Date Night by Us.

I forgot to mention that we already do date night with each kid each month. Well, it probably figures out to date night once a month. So, here's how we've done it. And, frankly -- date night with only 2 kids is pretty dang easy. :)

1. We rotate. So, Conner goes out with Drew and I'm home with Spencer, and then Spencer goes out with Drew and I'm home with Conner. Next time I'm out with Conner and it continues... works well so one parent isn't feeling like they're stuck at home all the time.

2. One child gets to go out and gets 20 dollars to spend, the other one is at home and can't spend anything. I think it's important to put budgeting into our date night, since that's an important part of dating in general. It's also nice to put a cap on things for the kids. We do sometimes buy Chuck E Cheese (a date night favorite) in bulk so that the kids can then "buy" them from us -- instead of getting only 4 tokens for a dollar they get around 8. I also think it's important for them to realize how much fun they can have at home without spending any money. Usually the child that's at home is kind of ornery that they're stuck at home but quickly they realize that sometimes those nights are even more fun because they get us all to themselves with all their toys and games, videos and food.

Anyway, those are the main parts of date night. We hope to do it 2 times per month, but sometimes it only gets done once. Sometimes during the date I have to chant a little mantra in my head that date night is all about the child. If they want Chuck E, and it's in their budget we do it. We can let our little "dates" know that's something we dont' really want to do. Last night I drove all over town and I'm thinking it's time to put some other type of location limitations on it, mostly because I hate to drive. :)

I am also hoping to incorporate family date nights in with a similar stay at home/go out type theme, and a budget.

Do you guys do date night? Do you have anything that works better?

Friday, January 04, 2008

Scare Tactics

Well, as I sit here I'm considering building an ark -- the rains are coming down (and hopefully the floods aren't coming up), and I'm really hoping not to get washed away. The kids left an ice cream bucket (thankfully, empty) on our patio and it has about 6 inches of water in it so far.
Sometimes during this time of year I forget that I don't live in Seattle.
However, I feel like I am a fairly prepared person. I have a decent food storage of foods that we use often. I have a small amount of emergency food (that we don't really eat, and it doesn't get rotated into our regular food). I think we have 1 can of wheat (no wheat grinder though -- considering getting one of those, just because I love whole wheat bread so dang much), a couple cans of black beans, some oats, and then a few cans of hot chocolate and fruit punch mix since there is no way I am going to drink our water storage without a little something in it to make it a tad bit more appetizing.
However, our ward seems to be really pushing the whole year's supply of food thing, and not just to live on when our family's have no income (because I think that's really smart -- I know we live off our storage when my income isn't coming in like I'd hoped). They're talking about food you'd need to sustain life. They're talking about having an entire year's supply of food that you won't rotate into your regular food.
I'm just not sure how I feel about it. I have a very strong testimony of regular food storage. I just can't bring myself to buy wheat and dried beans, etc (in a fashion that would provide for us for entire year -- I did just buy a few bags of dried beans today for soups this winter) Honestly, I am fairly sure that we just don't have room, unless it takes over the space in which our minivan currently resides. We could easily live a week or so off that type of storage that I have in our garage. Not sure if I'd want to live too much longer -- considering quality of life n' all. Anyway, what have they said in your wards and do you tend to go towards a food storage that's rotated or a year's supply?
And does anyone have any plans for an ark lying around. Although, I'm fairly sure it's not the rain that's driving me crazy, it's the wind.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Just read my friend Shannon's blog. She has all these lofty goals. And I usually try and make my own goals -- but honestly, my life's going fairly well. I mean, I had some minor snafus over Christmas Break as far as working out and calorie counting and all that jazz. But, I do have a few things:
1. One on One time with each kid each week. So, last week I took each one with me to the store. We chat while they're in the car, etc. Nothing big -- at all -- just some simple time with just us. I think it could be huge. Could be.
2. Drew and I need to communicate better. Sometimes I wash the amazing race and I get a little nauseated thinking how we would respond in similar situations. SO, we're gonna take the marriage relations class. After 10 years, even the finest machines can use a little tuning, right? Plus, my thoughts that Drew should basically be a mind reader aren't helping anything, if you know what I mean (and I know you do).
3. Organize one room a month. Just really get into the nitty-gritties... find things that could help organize it better. This month's the kitchen. I want to find some nice drawer inserts that can help me giant gadget drawer out a bit, and make my life more livable. Our kitchen is pretty dang small, but when it's more organized and stuff isn't falling on me I find myself to be a happier human. ;) I do clean one room each day of the week, which will continue. But I think it will be nice to focus on the kitchen all month -- maybe look for some organizing tips, etc. The Organized Junkie blog is also doing the kitchen this month on their blog (coincidence, I think not).

I went to Mervyn's today. They're having a SWEET sale. 70% off clearance. Got Drew and Conner outfitted for the winter (well, C was already outfitted, these will be for next year). Go me. Saved lots of moola. :) And of course, I'm always resolute in that.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Little Plea

So, I have a LOT of friends set to have babies coming-up and I was deep cleaning (last day, phewsh) the office today and found all the supplies I used to crochet around blankets for Conner. I loved those blankets, they're not super thick but with two sides of flannel they're pretty warm and good to tuck around carseats.
Anyway, I paid a woman to hemstitch around a bunch of them when I was pregnant with C, and I haven't seen anything like that around here.
A) I have heard there's a way to get the holes without having to hem stitch -- anyone know how?
B) Do any of you crafty ladies that live around me have a hemstitch machine I could beg a few minutes from?
Anyway, any help would be great, I'd really appreciate it!
Mostly I appreciate that my house is now all clean and organized. I am reading a blog (I think it's organized Junkie) where she's tackling a room each month on her blog -- she's doing her kitchen this month, and I think it's time I hunt-out some organizing solutions for it... so I'll be doing that in my "spare" time. When I'm not crocheting around blankets, of course. :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, if you haven't gotten my card yet -- you should just realize it's not coming, because I am done sending them out.

BUT, I thought I'd post it here, just to ring one last ounce of holiday cheer out of it.

Happy New Year everyone!


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