Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Rolling Stones

The stone is not rolling.
It's stuck in my urethra, and causing some hydronephrosis.
I slept one hour last night.
I will not go into further detail at this time, but it does involve vomit. :)
I have 2 new lovers, their names are Morphine and Toradol.
9 hours, 85 dollars later, I'm going back to bed.
I hate you stone.
Update at 6:06 pm (don't read if you're squeamish, but there's a good chance some of you will get kidney stones, so I thought I'd share my experience).
So, last night I worked my whole shift -- no pains. I get home, I surf and check email and go to bed. I thought my back was hurting a little bit, but that's fairly normal from work and I was kinda laying funny while I read a book (check good reads soon). I got to sleep around 1 am (stupid book). At 2:30'ish I wake-up. My body is shaking all on its own, I can't stop. My back is KILLING me and I feel like I really have to pee. I think I've mentioned I've had a UTI lately on my blog, so I was thinking maybe I had a kidney infection, so I got-up to pee. I thought I'd pop me some Urastat and call it a night, but the shaking wouldn't stop. I called Kaiser, to see what they thought. The nurse felt I was on the fence of going or not going. She said I should take some tylenol and try and get some sleep, but if I threw-up I needed to come back in. Took tylenol, and immediately threw up.
So, it was off to the ER (drove myself with the vomit bucket in the passenger seat). I got there and saw a friend from church. Her son had gotten a laceration last night and they come into the ER at 10 pm -- I got to the ER around 3:30 am -- and they were still there. That just gives you an idea.
I saw the triage nurse. I also started crying and shaking, so although she was unable to give me a bed to be seen, she did give me a gurney in the hall (so I could shake and face the wall). I waited on that gurney til' around 6:15 (note: this is just about 3 hours).
Then, I went into a room and put a gown on (thankfully, they let me keep my pants on -- thanks for that). I then waited in THAT room for another 2 hours.
I literally wanted to die. It is just like labor pains (without the pushing, burning etc.). However, it's constant. There's no break between contractions. It was like a 5 hour contraction while I waited in their ER. For my nurse friends -- my pain went from around a 6 when I got there to an 8 by the time I got seen. I couldn't lay down I paced my room the whole time, poking my head out the door to see if anyone remembered me. My nurse (who I am not too fond of) just kept saying "sorry, it's change of shift."
So, then I got a nice nurse (change of shift wasn't all bad), who put in an IV so whatever the doctor wanted, she'd have a line available (bless her). I must admit being a nurse has its perks. She knew people I knew and we grew a bond. She was really great, as was the nurse that followed her.
Doctor came-in, thought that it was a kidney stone and ordered the good drugs, along with some Zofran to cut down on nausea (which was great since I usually get high on triaminic, and don't normally do well with medications in general). He also ordered a CT. Which I got and that confirmed I had a kidney stone. However, it had passed the kidney and was right by the bladder. I've been having this bladder pain (which I thought was a UTI) for 2 weeks now, turns-out it's the stone irritating the bladder. My stone is 6 mm -- which I guess is fairly good-sized and there is a 77% chance it will pass (go stone! go stone! go stone!). I also got an X-ray so that when I see the urologist next week he can tell if it's moved at all. If not, I guess they will blast it (which requires general anesthesia -- which I am totally not in the mood for). In total I got 1 dose of toradol and 3 doses of morphine. It pretty well took care of my pain but once you're in that much pain you live in fear of having that pain again. I think I asked the doctor about 12 times what I should do it the medications he prescribed for home didn't work (vicodin, 600 mg ibuprphen, zofran and pyridium). I think he thought I was a little excessive -- but he's a resident, so what does he know?
HUGE props to our friend Rowena. I did drive myself to the ER (I didn't want to wait to have someone get the kids, etc. Plus, there was no reason for Drew to wait around with me when he could be sleeping) but she watched the kids once it was a decent hour and pretty much made it the best day ever for them (a soccer game and Burger King -- hello!). I am so thankful for our friend base here at times we have an emergency. Although, my mom demanded I move back to Utah this very instance when she found-out I was in the hospital -- I know she and I are both grateful I have such great friends.

Go Stone! Go Stone! Go Stone!!!!!
Really, a little prayer that it passes soon would be much appreciated.

Friday, May 30, 2008

This blog...

Ok, I have enjoyed the Pioneer Woman (except for the fact that she doesn't publish a feed -- dang her)... however my friend Suzanne has a great ala Pioneer woman cooks blog, but a larger variety, I feel.
Anyway, here's the link:
Give it a looksie.

A little Practice

Back when I felt like my life was in a flurry I decided I needed a little hymn to sing to calm myself down. I flipped through the hymn book and picked one out to practice that week. I figured I'd do 5 minutes/day of it on the piano and then it'd be in head to calm me down.
My first hymn was "When Faith Endures", which has really beautiful words that did truly calm my spirit.
Since then, each week during sacrament meeting, I think of something I need to work on. This week I needed to not yell as much at my kids, and enjoy parenting more so I did something about glad songs arising from homes. It's a really hard one, I don't recommend it.
I have found many benefits from my new thing:
1. Conner has a really hard time not being perfect at the piano -- to actually practice something he doesn't get right off. He is slowly realizing that I don't get things at first try either on the piano. While I'm practicing I remind him of some of the strategies I am using to learn the hymn, and I've noticed him trying them too when he practices.
2. Playing the piano is really relaxing (esp. when it's in 5 minute spurts) and it's nice to see such an improvement in the song from the first time I play it to the last. It's nice to see something get better during the week (because it certainly isn't the state of my house).
3. I enjoy having the words to the hymn in my head, and I enjoy that Spencer sometimes sits and sings by me while I play. For those of you who don't know -- Spencer is QUITE a singer. I am glad that for those 5 minutes our home is filled with the spirit of love, music and my bad playing.
Anyway, those are my thoughts. I know a few of us have pianos that sit with just our children plunking on them every now and then. I'd encourage you to take a few minutes to play too.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do you paper craft?

Well, IF you do I have a great site for you.

Yes, they are currently offering me something if I have hits from my blog -- but I think I've actually blogged about them before without any inticement.

They sell charms (duh), lots of different ones! They have the best prices I've seen and their shipping is really reasonable (which is important to me, becuase I don't want to pay 5 bucks shipping after I've ordered 10 tiny charms).

And if you order now until the 30th you get FREE shipping on orders over 10 bucks.

So, anyway -- there's my plug. Go check them out!

Fix it Up

So, the water Nazi came yesterday. I'm sure was apalled by how interested I was in everything. I questioned her for a good 15 minutes about my watering schedule. Now we are doing 3 times a week (we'll do 4 on weeks that it's going above 80 degrees most days) for 6 minutes two time a day (totalling 48 minutes of watering). That's for the lawn and the drippers -- although, she said I could increase the drippers if I felt like they needed it. Drippers could get up to 60 minutes/week (no more than 100 -- that's what she said). So, all of my fans of my watering obsessive compuslive disorder -- there you go. She came and put in some new aerators so that our facets would have less water/minute coming out of them. She also gave me (these items, including the inspection are all free -- FYI) a couple of new showerheads (she would've installed them -- but I know that's a fairly easy job and I wanted to make sure Drew was OK with them beforehand) that are low-flow (and they allow you to really slow the water while you're not "using it" -- aka, soaping, etc). AND she gave me a new toilet flapper. It was a freally informative visit and I highly recommend checking to see if your water district offers it. If you're near me -- email me and I will give you the # to call (or you can google our water district's name).
I am also having a fridge check-up today. I get a free one yearly with the warranty I bought. If I disappear today -- blame the fridge man.
In other news: Two summer items to report
1. I will be doing some sessions in Utah this summer. The cost will be my regularly scheduled price. I am up for some mini sessions at a park or something if someone wants to get a friend to go in with them (I would need more than one family scheduled at the same location to make it worth my time). Those will be $250 regardles of your family's size. These sessions will be entire family sessions (they will differ from my regular family sessions in that I won't break off each person for their own portraits, dads with kids, mom with kids, etc -- these will most likely just my family shots). It will probably be about 1/2 hour or so -- I will just shoot as many photos as humanly possible during this time, and will give you proofs accordingly to what I am able to get. You can see examples of my family work here. Feel free to email me if you want more details.
2. We are looking for future farmer families who are interested in picking some produce in our garden while we're gone. In return we'll just ask that you turn-on a pre-placed sprinkler on our side yard (and pick any weeds larger than your youngest child). By the time we're gone I think we'll have beans, probably still some peas, possibly zuchinni, and if the tomato gods smile on us -- perhaps some tomatoes (but I am not getting my hopes up -- my seedling starts aren't really working out like I wish they would have). Oh, and strawberries. The strawberries are loving the new drip system. Anyway -- if you're interested in helping us out in return for some free veggies, please call!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back on the Wagon Again

I must admit that with mothers day, and my birthday and then this lovely weekend trip -- I've gained 4 pounds. I am none too proud of it -- but I am BACK on the conscious eating bandwagon. I'd pretty well lost touch of myself as of late. The problem with eating consciously is that you have to do just that. It takes time, and it takes concentration -- two things I have been lacking lately.
Also, I'm ready to be back as my organized composed self. I've just felt so scattered lately. I'm ready to center myself and move forward.
Go me. :)
In other news, the Jazz Jubilee really was very nice. The group we go with is Drew's traditional jazz group (and while it's run by another director I guess they're sort of associated with the school -- it's all fairly unclear to me, but I digress). They do a great job and it's fun music for myself and the kids.
Also, the water Nazi is coming to our house today. I guess it's not really a water Nazi, but we can have a free assessment of our watering and how we could improve it. I'm excited, since you guys might recall my obsession with watering.

Monday, May 26, 2008

One Star hotel recap

In my head, I've always kind of wondered -- why not try a one star? I mean, what could be so bad?
Well, let me give you my thoughts.
1. There's no toilet seat. Seriously -- that is obviously a perk that 1 stars can not afford.
*** mind you, our one star hotel was not actually much cheaper than your basic 3 star hotel ***
2. Our room was considered "non smoking" -- but an ashtray greeted us as we entered our room, and Spencer found a lighter behind his bed.
3. Last night, their "computer systems" went down -- so they had no idea who was in any of the rooms. So instead of

  • Calling to see if our room was being occupied
  • Just letting our room go unoccupied for the night
  • Going through the receipts to see that in fact, we were occupying it

They sent a security guard into our room at 10:30 pm (me and the boys being alone in the room, since Drew was off at a banquet) scaring the be-jeepers out of me. They "guranteed" he knocked, and while I was asleep I didn't hear it... I did hear him enter though. {YEEESH}

Needless to say, they comp'd our room for us. Their answer for why he came in though, was amusing...
"would you rather have a customer entering your room, or our security guard late at night?"
BTW, we've been at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee this past weekend. There was a hotel mix-up and that's what put us at the fine Motel 6 on Jibboom street.
Stay there again? I would not.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Day Off

I hate to say it -- normally in my head I'm dreading the days Conner has off -- but I must admit that I LOVE not having to take him to school. It's so nice to have a lazy morning.

When I remember days off as a kid, I always remember my mom having SEVERAL jobs set for us. So, I've planned a few of those and we've also got a trip to the park on the docket. Word on the street that the tree trimmers are coming today. The kids will love watching that (I'm sure they will love the audience checking out their every move).

Some of you might have seen the fires here in the Bay area. While it is close to us, it's not near us... thankfully. My prayers go out to those people.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thoughts on Thursday

We can NOT get cantaloupe to grow -- it just gets eaten by all our tiny bugs. Any ideas? I bought one LAST packet of seeds today... I've put cinnamon in the area, but they don't seem to care.
Stupid bugs.
I thought this was a cute idea -- esp. as Summer gets close. Plus, I could teach them both a little bit about how we shop, improve their scissor and writing skills. Might try it once or twice.
Gas has officially hit four dollars on my route to school. Actually, it hit 4 dollars a couple of days ago, and now it's $4.09. Good luck to all of us. :)
I have been reading through my journals lately -- it started on my birthday and now I'm taking a cruise through my past. I used to read them fairly frequently, but since I've had Conner I have not done it hardly at all. It's interesting to see how much I struggled my first year of marriage. I mean, I had a REALLY hard time. I hear a lot of people saying that their first year was so GREAT, they never faught... of course, I had a very stressful major along with being the main provider for the family... I remember it took a huge upward climb once school was done. I am so grateful for my journals though. I always learn so much about myself going back and reading them.

And FINALLY, guess who scrapbooked. I'm gonna get through last year before school gets out. That gives me 3 weeks. Go me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A real pictorial

A few fun pictures to share, I always want more pictures when I'm doing my blog books, and I'm trying to take more every day just to keep up my skills and enjoy these times with my little boys. ANYWHO.
First one's of the door decoration I did for Conner's teacher for teacher appreciation. I think it turned out pretty well.
Next one is Spencer at his preschool graduation ceremony. Love the hat.
Last one's of Spencer on his bike. It's his first real bike and he is PRETTY excited that he rides it so well. So am I. :)
So, that's what's up here!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It perked up

They day entirely perked up yesterday afternoon.
Drew did an amazing job of doing my usual Monday jobs (most of them -- and I pile the most housework on Mondays, because I'm more peppy) while I laid on the couch and watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives (OMG, shocking ending -- and let's not pretend that you're shocked that I watch that show -- thank goodness for DVR to fast-forward the nasty parts and enjoy the entirely ludicrous parts).
I got a drying rack so I can put some items on that instead of drying everything.
I got some new walking shoes (hello, super excited about those).
I got a new 9X9 cake pan (desperately needed -- the old one is a pile of rust)
I got a new pizza slicer
my favorite gift?
a thing to open those AWFUL Costco plastic containers. I HATE THOSE. And this thing is a dream of them.
I love the gifts, every one.
Oh, and a Kohls Card, but I'm gonna save that til' I've lost another few pounds. Get some pants that actually fit. :)
A very happy birthday to me. :)
ETA: I forgot to mention my GENIUS brother (who is also a professor at a private university) got me a metronome. It was PERFECT, I actually really needed one and he must've read my mind. He da' bomb.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A picture of moi at 32

Feeling just the slightest bit "wo is me" on this -- my very special day....
1. Have a UTI, got to spend a nice hour at the Kaiser pharmacy trying to get them to give me a pregnancy category B drug. Stupid Kaiser (no, not pregnant, just paranoid).
2. Taught relief society yesterday with said UTI. Was concerned I'd wet my dress for most of the lesson. Made it through dry though.
3. Have ABC school graduation at my house today. At least if I wet my pants in that class the kids won't mock me (as much).
4. 32 is really, really old...................
P.S. My little musical tributes are especially for my friends Robin and Kim. I am so lucky to share my birthday with 2 women whom I admire so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Seeker of Signs

My life has been a bit troubled lately. I've felt a lot of anxiety and we've had a lot of big decisions to make lately (not HUGE decisions, but bigger ones). Anyway, this past week I've just been praying that God would give me a "wink." I mean, I want to say a "sign" but I think that asking for signs shows a lack of faith and while I have faith in Him, sometimes I just want a little nudge that he's watching me and he knows what I'm going through -- and it will end-up fine.
Up until now I felt like life was spiraling downward. Very few positive points. On Thursday I just begged him for something -- something that would say things are gonna be alright.
So I went through my fairly hectic day.
I got my wink, I won't go into how trivial it was, but it was actually huge for me and involves our tree trimmer. I felt so thankful for that, but also felt weak for needing to ask for something like that. I should have more faith.
Then I read the Special Experiences talk in the Ensign. I felt so comforted by that talk -- that God DOES give us experiences to strengthen our faith -- and it's our job to look for those things and be strengthened by them. Anyway, just my thoughts for the day. I know that a lot of people are going through very hard times right now and I thought that talk did wonders for me.
And in other news, it's VERY HOT here. My Basil can't tolerate it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I hate to Tudor my own horn

For any of you who've followed my Good Reads widget, you might notice I recently read The Other Boleyn Girl, and I really enjoyed it. I've always liked biographies, and I enjoy knowing what real people did in their real lives, but I've never really gotten into Historical Fiction, and I can't really figure out why. I HATE history. I don't memorize well, hence those classes were always really painful for me. That's intensely sad since my father TEACHES history, but I digress....
So, here it is, I want to read some more historical fiction.
I actually got a non-fiction book about the Tudor Dynasty, and it's not nearly as interesting reading about facts....
So, have you read some historial fiction, and did you like it?
I've never read the Work and the Glory (mostly because I got tired of hearing people bear their testimony of the books), I think I'd like it. Although, I will admit that I forget that this isn't how it REALLY happened, but just someone's interpretation. I'll just have to keep reminding myself. Perhaps I can put it on my new phone. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This week makes me tire-d.

We have been obsessed with tires as of late, apparently.
On Saturday Drew and I decided it was time to finally replace the kid's bike tires. They're REALLY Sad, and several are popped... we've bought them all at garage sales for cheap, and figured we'd just fix them up with some paint, new tires, etc.
New tires are more expensive than getting a new bike.
And no, I'm not kidding.
New tires: About 36 bucks (to replace all 4 included their inner-tubes)
New Bike: 29.99 and 34.99 -- seriously.
Needless to say the kids are ECSTATIC.
And then this morning I went to Costco to get our tires rotated, etc. I was studying our tire purchase paper and realized that in the 2 years (actually, it's been 2 years and almost 4 months) since we bought the tires we've only driven 5,000 miles. Now, this is our "work" car -- and both of us work fairly close, but I like that we're conserving on miles. I was also amused by people who think it's better to yell and scream, rather than talk rationally, or do things as the people in "power" expect you to. Less amusing when they're in their car revving their engine just feet away from you and your child, but more amusing once they leave.
Speaking of tire-d.... my friend Becky just had the sweetest little girl Maggie. Guess who got to take her picture?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Happy Day to all you Mothers!

This is one of my favorite things about being a mom:

And why, might you ask, is it one of my favorite things? Well, I remember making items like this and being SO proud (I think I was a tad more into crafts, and the like, than my own children are). I remember thinking of my mommy while I made it and knowing she'd just love it. And, she always did.

For if, you saw that pot on the road you wouldn't give it a second glance, but knowing that it came from my sweet 4 year old it's a priceless piece that I just HAD to take a picture of.

And THAT is what motherhood is. If you saw the little acts, each on their own -- each time we wipe the table or a runny nose, each time we remind someone to put something away -- they're not that big of a deal -- but knowing ALL they do, and all they WILL do. Well, it's worthy of its own reward show, but a lovely pot will do.

And while I wasn't able to pom-pom up a pot for my own mom I did send her some flowers and a little package. I want to thank her for all tht little things she does so willingly for me now, and what she's done these past 31 years.... I am so lucky. Thanks mom.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

She won, she won!

My friend Lara won, thanks to EVERYONE who helped out and voted. This is big for them, really big.
Amazing what 1k can do (although, here in the land of millions it doesn't do quite as much as it could in good ol' UT -- but, I digress).

In other news, I hate to even mention that we've had "issues" in the baby area... This isn't something that we're struggling with per say. We (and by we, I mean I) struggle with not knowing what's in store for us. Baby times are a times I'd like to see in my rear view mirror about now... but that's not how it's happening. So we wait. I don't want to put my little troubles in the same pile as people who really really want and need a baby. My heart breaks for those people, and heavens knows I've got enough kiddos to keep me busy and happy.

In yet more other news, it's my favorite weekend of the YEAR! I play to laze around, pretend like I'm doing nothing and feel the joy of motherhood. This morning the boys are headed off to Lowe's to buy my present (seriously, it's a home improvement store, how sad is that -- but it was by my request). I said I was going to sit around at home and do nothing -- except clean the entire house and garage.
You know, ..... nothing. ;)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Mas Bambinos

Excuse my Spanish but babies are flying all OVER the place around here.
Two of my very best friends just had babies and they are ABSOLUTELY adorable, and of course I couldn't WAIT to get my lens on them.
First up was Mr. Noah and hopefully Maggie will be as much of a camera hog as he was.

As for the Ericksons, yet another month I am officially not pregnant, but I am taking solice in my bottle of Ibuprofen... it's a dichotomy of enjoying my pain killers, but also wondering what's in store for us. My basal temp was 96.0 this morning. Can you believe that? Poor Drew having to sleep next to that.... I did have a definite rise in temp last month, so that's a good sign.

And yes, I'm aware that much of this is TMI... but really, if you didn't want to read about women's bodies -- you should find a blog that's not written by a labor and delivery nurse. :)

Happy Friday friends.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


There is a key to getting unstuck... and I have found it. Moving forward. :) I felt my stuck-ness leave today. I actually felt it disappear, and it was as I was getting a bunch of things on my to-do list done. None of them were fixing my stuck problem, just cleaning the house, vacuuming, spraying for crabgrass... you know the drill. As I was crossing them off (on my new phone, nonetheless)... I just gave a sigh of relief. ;)

Here it is, in all its glory. Isn't it pretty? Honestly, I probably would've gotten the black one, except Drew was getting the black one, and we've found that it's NOT the best to have matchy-matchy phones. Anyway, it's red. and it reminds me of my friend Lara (because she adores red). SPEAKING of Lara, have you voted for her yet? Really, you should. Her husband's an orchestra teacher at their high school, and he does a great job (he should, he has a PhD). I think we all know I have a soft spot in my heart for teachers, and even a larger one for music teachers. Haven't you ever wanted to give your teacher a bonus becuase they do a great job? Well, here's your chance.
GO VOTE (hers is the adorable one of her baby in her mom's shoes looking in the mirror -- overstuffed). :) Thank you.


Sometimes I feel like my life is full of little puddles of quicksand, and because of my own stupidity I get stuck in them.
What do you do, when you get stuck in a puddle, and you know in your head that it's not that big of a deal, but in the real life situation you're just stuck?
Currently I just keep finding new puddles to stick my other foot in... which sort of releases me from the last puddle... but I'm fairly sure I leave a shoe or a sock in it.....
Seriously, this blog is getting so boring. I promise to be more fun soon.
I did get my new phone, I think it needs a photoshoot today. :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FHE report

Last night Drew chose to do his FHE lesson on the Mother's Who Know talk by Sister Beck.
Even though it's a bit beating a dead horse I hope the kids got a little realization of all that I do, and the ways they can thank me each day of the year, instead of the lovely Kohls card they'll provide me with on Sunday.
I also made a mommy obstacle course where they had to put clothes on a stuffed animal, cook an egg (fake egg), vacuum, and make a bed as fast as they could.
The missionaries were here, they thought we were uber delightful (and really, who doesn't).
Drew was making a list of all the things I "do" at our house -- and I said it'd be more likely to make a list of things I don't do.
And yes, I am very funny.

Itchy Nose

Ok, it's 2:35 AM and I'm up with my computer on becuase my nose itches.
It's itched for the past hour, it woke me up.
It's driving me insane.
Does this happen to anyone else.
On a brighter note, the tracking for my phone is up.
Ah, the rapture.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Cell me on it

We're getting new cell phones. We've had ours for over two years... and it's time to renew and get new phones. It's just so stressful, especially living with a techie-husband.
So, I finally bought today.
The phones were fine, but man, the tax is a KILLER. I don't get why the law requires us to pay on the full retail value, even though we're paying less than half of that.
Anyway, it's safe to say that soon my phone and my PDA will be one.
And I will be happy.
I just know I will.
I still hate sprint though, and I doubt that will EVER change.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sweet photo

Worked today
postpartum no less.
Like the cherry that broke the camel's back, or something like that.
LUCKILY, we have a SITTER tonight -- hallah.
My friend Lara got into this photo competition, and I think her photo is adorable, vote for one (and hers is the "Overstuffed with Pink" one -- I think it's A-dorable).

Friday, May 02, 2008

Clutching onto the last threads...

Ok, I give up -- I have NO idea how moms work.
I'm working 3 shifts this week (which, is what I worked regularly when Conner was little) and I'm giving up on life. I had NO will to work out this AM, I'm feeling very behind, and although I still was able to watch Paula A on DVR last night, I'm feeling like I am always doing something...
So, snaps to you moms who work.
I'm off for a while after this, and I will need it. :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I can't watch the news anymore people. I can watch matt Lauer in Amsterdam looking at the tulips, I can watch Paula Abdual make a fool of herself on Idol... those things I can watch -- but anytime they veer off the lighter subjects I have to tune them out.
I get SO anxious.
The kind of anxious that could use zoloft.
There are food shortages.
Mortgage rates are going to rise.
Gas rates are going to keep going up.
People don't have jobs.
{I am also not particularly fond of my job right now, which makes me even more nervous}
Homes are being foreclosed.
I can't really tolerate it all. I feel so comforted by the scriptures that say faith and fear can't exist together. I know we have done the things that our prophet has asked, and we are slowly building a savings (just waiting for us to need it). I try and be a good steward of what we have, but, well... {sigh}
Anyway, what are you guys doing to keep your spirits high?
Or, should I just get a prescription?
I have been thinking about all the great things that are happening to our family right now and I do feel extremely blessed... you know, it's just looking ahead.


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